Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunny Leone- Indian Porn Star

Sunny has recently been making promotional
visits to India for her Bollywood movie
'Jism 2'
Sunny Leone
A recent tweet from Indian porn star Sunny Leone exhibited her sheer delight when she was asked by a very excited mother in India to pose with a picture with her child, whilst she was doing promotional duties for her first Bollywood movie. Quite a shocking act from a mother to let her child near a person who has dedicated their career to porn, let alone a mother from such a conservative country as India. Many questions have been asked about Leone's career and there is a certain sense of fascination as to how she pursued a career in porn with such nonchalant confidence. She is asked almost constantly about how her parents felt about her career decision to which she has always replied, that like any other parents whose child wants to enter the porn industry, they were not happy- But welcoming Sunny into the world in Canada and later living in California, they acquired a Westernised sense of thinking and eventually supported her.

Sherlyn Chopra with Hugh Hefner at the
Playboy mansion
In delicate pursuit of Sunny, Indian movie star Sherlyn Chopra has also been given the lucrative offer of being the first Indian woman to appear on the cover of US based 'Playboy'. Unlike Sunny she will not be engaging in any pornographic work, but will obviously appear nude on the famous magazine. Creating history, she has talked about the freedom of walking around nude in the Playboy mansion. Other than the usual 'slut' and 'whore' comments, I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall positive attitude from the South Asian community. 21 year old Indian model Poonam Pandey is also hot on their heels with a few raised eyebrows about her provocative image, but in return has gained a legion of fans. Shazia Sahari's name has also been thrown around in the porn industry, due to the curiosity surrounding her religious Pakistani/Saudi heritage.

Poonam Pandey causing a stir!
What I admire the most about these ladies is how unfazed they seem by the negativity that I think will never fully change in the South Asian community. The South Asian community prides itself on old customs and traditions so much so, that to say one day those conservative views will be demolished on the whole is unrealistic.  However as Sunny tweeted, there does seem to be a refreshed sense of thinking in terms of the art of freedom that we should all be entitled to no matter what race or religion you are. As a fellow South Asian woman myself, I support these women 100%

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