Wednesday, 5 August 2015

ANTM's Most Successful & Memorable Contestants!

 'I will only call one name, and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to your apartment, pack your belongings, and go home.'- Tyra Banks 

I cannot believe we're on Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model! I mean, talk about a successful long-standing reality competition! The recent introduction of men has also made a welcome appearance, however i'm not too sure about the inclusion of social media. Nonetheless, Tyra Banks has truly created an international hub for the modelling industry, where we're all welcomed to pry our eyes into. The franchise in itself has featured formats in numerous countries. This undeniably makes Tyra Banks the queen of the fashion industry. Over the years hundreds of girls have passed through the doors in hopes of bagging the lucrative modelling contract and a sweet array of accompanying prizes. Whilst there's only been 21 winners so far, there's been a whole host of models who have successfully branched out with successful careers. A wide variety have also been remembered for their dramatic transformations and vivid personalities. Let's take a look at some of ANTM's best below!

The winner that started it all 12 years ago. Adrianne Curry went on to have her own reality show 'My Fair Brady' and also modeled for Maxim and Playboy.

The bug eyed beauty has gone on to grace numerous editorials and has walked in NYFW. 
Analeigh's had an incredibly successful acting career by appearing alongside Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love and The Big Bang Theory. 
The pageant girl who didn't want to chop off her hair- who could forget?! Another acting success with a recent appearance in Mad Men.
Her nonchalance ironically had all the makings of an international supermodel. Elyse has had a fully fledged modelling career in East Asia.
Oh my gosh. Talk about major babe alert. Kim Stolz was the first openly gay contestant on ANTM and even managed to seduce a fellow contestant. Kim went on to have a successful VJ and hosting career and is now apparently a Wall Street banker!
Lisa ended up winning the ANTM All-Star Cycle and is now a recording artist and television personality. She briefly dated Robbie Williams.
ANTM's first 'edgy' winner, Naima is now a musician in the band Galaxy of Tar
The betrayal in Season 2 was everything, but Shandi managed to transform from a Plain Jane to a blonde bombshell. She has now opted for a quieter life but will always be one of my most memorable contestants.
This plus sized beauty went on to model for Avon, Torrid and Target.
Yaya went on to to have a successful acting career and appeared in Ugly Betty and All My Children. Recently she portrayed Whitney Houston in her biopic.
The cycle that started my love affair with ANTM, Season 2 winner Yoanna House has had an incredible career. She became the face of CW in 2008 and is now a television host and mummy!


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