Friday, 29 January 2010

At the end of every rainbow- is a pot of bad luck

Ever wonder how you tragically ( and somewhat deep down 'pleased with your self' happily) you end up like this at the end of a night?
Or maybe like this? Well it all started with Kaf having the day from hell. The night before she casually told me via fb chat that she had to be in for something stupid like 8am the next morning for a tutorial. She then sauntered off to bed- only to find out the next morning that her phone died which contained the crucial alarm. She woke up in a panic at 12. That coupled with nearly leaving a fortune in student terms in asda and it not really happening in the gym, her bad luck began to rub off on Toni. Slowly it persevered its way to me. The only way we needed to give it a good end to the day, was buy cutting loose. Cue a couple hours later, girliefied, slipping into high heels, spritizing some perfume, we headed out on a much deserved night out. The only thing that bothers me, however, is running into people you see ALL THE TIME and have nothing to say too, or people you would just rather avoid. The latter, specially really gets me in a pickle. There are ALOT of people who just seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times and places, and you turn BRIGHT RED and wish you would just crumble into the ground and just die. And the worst thing?? The awkward moment when you suddenly appear face to face with that dreaded demon in disguise. Its a bit like.....where do i look? Look straight at you....look at the ceiling.....look sideways....give an awkward smile...say hi?......pretend i havent noticed blatantly rude and just walk past....ignore them......pretend to trip up over an invisible 'stone' (anything ANYTHING to get out of a horrific convo with YOU )........SEE WHAT I MEAN??? There's just far too many options in that split second, so instead of making it as less awkward as end up standing there like an idiot with a funny confuzzled gaze in your weak little eyes. Its such a daunting task, however by now you should probably think i'm used to it ??

Other than that little rant.....we ended up totally having a ball. I swear no one can party like me and my friends. We forget about our problems and make life seem worth living. I love how everything i worried about in the day or perhaps even the past couple of days, lingers in the background and all i think about is the present. I hate thinking about my past....and i think wayyyy too much about my future. I need a balance. Doing these fun things gives me that balance. I don't just go out and party because im 'wild' or 'crazy' or 'young'......i do it because it gives me time to just concentrate on what i have going in my life right now. Incredible friends who are family to me......thinking about the future is great....but i might not ALWAYS have these people here for me as right now i'm surrounded by them....i will not ALWAYS have Guildhall at my doorstep all the time either. New memories will be made sometime....but right now im happy with the ones i make in the present every day :) Christ we have a lot of fun. Its crucial for me to just be ME...unlike that dreaded time...when i went out dressed like i was in the army.....i might look happy in the picture below.....but trust me you didn't see me in that frikken army hat.......ohh boy.....i put it in Pooey's bag half way through the night....and i DON'T want it back :D

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