Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Being a Sassy Student is not so Sassy

Its that time of year, when all the students have their nose dived in their books. A little part of me dies whenever i pass the uni library- can people really study in a library???? Its mostly taken up by those pesky business students. Going to the library for me is an occurrence that happens once every blue moon- i don't see the point of it. The sight of other people ( even if they are silent) is enough to get me distracted. I mean can i really concentrate when a hot guy walks in?? The only thing i concentrate on is whipping out my mirror to check if i'm looking somewhat decent and don't have spinach stuck on my teeth. - But point is its been a bit dead on the whole 'going out' scene. I don't get it really? I need to go out and have some fun with Kaf and Pooey, otherwise i die slowly of boredom and sure revision is good but only in small amounts. I'll give u an example of a recent time we went out. for example, one day we were sitting in Tiger- we look somewhat happy but in reality- guess what we were thinking?? (WHERE THE FLIPPIN HECK IS EVERYONE???)
But then we thought of the poor sods sitting at home revising away, not understanding the great meaning of life- SO with a new track of thought, a new high, a spontaneous taxi ride and a new location, we ended up like this- VOILA :
I guess our good ol' fun times will never get boring :) On another note today i decided to be a bit more mature and went to Gunwharf to hand in my CV in for the 17th time. They have that saying about being patient and you'll get what you want: but i'm started to think it was a hoax :( I was pretty excited about the prospects of Vans looking for someone at the weekends. Their collections are just so rich in the skater grunge genre and i love taking inspiration from fashion like that. In my outfit choices i love to be whimsical and girlie, but there has to be something a bit 'off' in my outfit- something that doesn't quite seem to fit. Vans offer that exciting oddness i love to incorporate as part of me :) i went in with my funny Primark shoes and gorgeous socks haha- but they staff didn't look down at my shoes. They grabbed my CV in a huff and sauntered off. Oh well....i tried...first appearance is everything i guess paaaahhh :)
Whilst in Gunwharf me and Kaf also managed to catch Up in the Air. George Clooney is an excuse to go and see even the most shittiest film. Its weird though, some critics have basically referred to the movie as 'genius'. Don't get me wrong, i'm a complete movie buff, but for me inspiration is everything. I need a tear jerker, perhaps a true story, maybe a different story- something to really make me sit up and take notice. Even my beloved George didn't manage that. It was alright i guess...maybe more an old peoples movie? Should have guessed that when we walked in, where old couples sat hoping to gain that pleasure they once did in their youth. Oh boyyy....swiftly moving on tomorrow NIGHT OUT. Scared....wanna make it a good once.......might actually end up with tinsel around my neck like last time.........

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