Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Super Study Party in the Library @ 3.30

I have exam on Thursday....for most people that means hardcore revision back to back...eat, sleep, breathing all the material they need to stuff their brains with in order to assure some sort of decent mark.....or for the really studious ones between us......FULL MARKS. However, for me revision involves a lot of thought about WHEN i'm actually going to study, deciding on what topics i'm going to revise...oooo American Idol/ The Biggest Loser are on.....what i'm gonna have for dinner.....oogling over your favourite celebrity on google images.....and then back to OH SHIT REYVEYSION :( .......in the process of all that i tend to make the following faces too......the i'm so innocent and tired ( do not disturb me ) face and then the all too famous arghhhhhh everything is going wrong- frikken go away everyone !!!!!
Don't get me wrong- i like to learn new things - thats one of the reasons why i chose to came to university. I'm not ready enough or mentally equipped enough to be thrown out into the big bad world of work. I also believe to really have your dream job you need as many qualifications as you can possibly gain- that's why i believe strongly in going to university and not leaving school at just 18 or even 16. Unfortunately, i havent been blessed with amazing cognitive skills and therefore whatever i need to revise for and try for i need to work twice as hard than people who literally 'have it in the bag.' Its not fair...i try really hard and yet sometimes i always end up being that average student. I guess my faults in that department lie in me being a creative individual....sitting in in front of a computer screen for hours on end writing an essay or staring blankly at a few pieces of paper revising for an exam, arent really my fortay. Many people have said to me before that i 'seem' or 'look' intelligent- that coming from me being 'asian'. True enough i can't really blame that....seems like most of the asians in Portsmouth are on some sort of boffting pharmacy or science course that i can't really seem to comprehend. I look at myself as there being an anomaly in every research- i am that stubborn anomaly.
Realising that i had to do something quickly in order to process this information that i probably would never need to know after Thursday morning, i thought maybe i should have a little change of scenery. Eating breakfast i went back and forth if i should really go to the...DRUMMMROLLLL pleasssee........LIBRARY. Hell..the library won. So i ended up trudging to the library...used the word 'trudging' as i completely misjudged the weather and got completely soaked. Even my umbrella had died ages ago in an epic Portsmouth hailstorm. I ended up looking like a complete drowned rat when i arrived and typically felt it was the end of the world- But then i managed to find a quiet area with as little people as possible, dried off and to my surprise got an hour and a half of solid revision done. No distractions of any sort. Was pretty chuffed at myself for that little adventure. Maybe libraries aren' that bad? Might give it another go sometime soon? Oh well, really determined to pass this test on Thursday and then i saunter off back home until Sunday...cant wait to see everyone especially my little brother- he's my world !!!
It will also be good going home for some sort of caring human interaction. I feel like its been an eternity that i've been left alone in this house. I hear all sorts of noises that i'm putting down to a ghost or some sort of entity- and no matter how hard i try i don't stop thinking about Paranormal Activity. It feels like someone's watching me .......
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