Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A curious love of green

My friend Katherine had the opportunity to 'bring a friend' with her at a free makeup session with Benefit at Debenhams. I of course, jumped at the chance. I wanted to see what they could offer and believe it or not i had only once used their mascara ages ago- that had been replaced by the maybelline collosal. My foundation and concealer kit was a clinique bypass and the colours on my face, represented by the blusher and eyeshadows were No.7- so therefore i was quite excited at the thought of trying something new.

Katherine is so much different than me in terms of beauty and makeup. She uses very subtle makeup that suits her pale English skin. Me, on the other hand, having Asian skin with olive undertones, i am a bit more free to experiment with makeup. I go all out with the black/purple smoky eyes and the plump hot pink lips. My lipstick is especially very important to me as its my security blanket. The makeup artist then ended up giving Katherine smokey eyes and a pink blusher fix, which i usually rock. She then looked at me- she came to the decision, rather apprehensively, that she wanted to use green on my eyes. As i was open to bright colours, i was rather excited to get going, although i was secretly fretting that she would end up making me look like a clown. And voila !! (Below) it turned out perfectly and rather surprisingly amazing. The makeup artist seemed rather stunned and mentioned she had never seen anyone suit green so much. Modestly, i mentioned that maybe she should use it more on other people- in different quantities and shades as everyone is different.

Green is a new colour that seems to be hitting the catwalks in subtle hints. This indicates that many people are still scared of using green as a full cover on their lids. It may not be a versatile colour, but the colour green has amazing pigments stored within it. Even, below these models in the Nicole Farhi and Derek Lan S/S 2010 collections, have a slick of green under their eyes. Both are different shades, yet both add a touch of intrigue and a sense of refreshment to the eyes. It makes the the eyes look larger and adds a bit of sparkle.

I say GO FOR GREEN :) There is a huge BUT though. It takes skill to apply a green shadow. If your a newcomer to the wonderful world of green, then do what i did. Go and have a free makeup trial at a counter at Debenhams and ask for the perfect green to match you skin colour. You have to be aware- if you get green wrong , you can get it SO WRONG!! However, if you get it right, you can get it SOOO RIGHT:) Go on give it a brave try ;)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Its not what you know- but who you know

Heels clicking along the panels of the hollow flooring, figures in crisp cut suits walking by and a flock of people gathering at the one-man champagne bar- the night was intricately on its way. Walking into a modest yet surprisingly airy room, I personally couldn't have been more drawn to the sophisticated labyrinth of chandeliers, the mirrors which mirrored the other walls and the elongated windows giving us the never ending glance of the hectic pace of a little community called Soho.

Its an exciting place to be. Excitingly daunting. I had always been told 'networking' was the key to being successful. After all , Johan Arndt once said that 'informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed and spread'. The London Press Club were the people we cruised in to join and mingled efficiently with the people from various aspects of the journalism industry. For an outsider, it may have seemed rather perplexing that in the hours leading up the event, we were rushing around our rooms throwing clothes in the sheer confusion of what was going to be deemed appropriate to wear, fidgeting uncomfortably and having baffling conversations about our lives and loves in a tiresome two hour coach journey, running frantic marathons down the gut wrenching spine chilling London underground, having a frenzied apparel switch in the Spoons loo with a slick of lipstick and the throwing on of the heels.

Still, electrifying smiles accompanied our faces and we were given the honour of listening to a speech by a consumer journalist, Martin Lewis - 'The Money Man', which he says sits rather uncomfortably with him. Personally for me, that's him just being modest. Lewis has made a huge name for himself. By starting out as a broadcaster by training, he went on to create the biggest consumer and personal finance site in the UK with approximately 8 million users in the UK. Along with his background and an attentive Q and A round, we were free to set off and unite with the other guests.

For me, it was a brilliant opportunity to listen to the advice which was given. One of the best pieces of advice as a budding fashion journalist looking for a summer internship, was that instead of sending my CV out mindlessly to magazines, i should send in pieces of my written work. With examples of my work given in, i should then ask for what they think and how i could make further improvements. Chances are that only one out of ten magazines will bother responding, but you never know - they could be so impressed with your work that they could offer you some further work. For me, i thought that was absolutely brilliant as i have been trying so hard since December to find a valuable summer placement, with no luck. A change in my approach may be the best way forward, with summer fast approaching.

I also got a chance to meet a pretty young lady called 'Kate' from Cherry PR. I was particularly pleased talking to her, as she had started out in the same route as me. She has started to do Sociology at university with the hope of getting into fashion journalism like me. Unfortunately, she didn't get the opportunities she needed to make a career out of it, so switched to the neighbouring profession of Fashion PR. She told me to get work not just in magazines, but with celebrity agents and fashion pr agents. With me its just a case of cracking again with my CV and search for work. I am a determined young girl ! Even if i sent out more than a hundred letters out, i just want that one place to give me a chance and I'm sure I'll be on my way. With that, i also had a pleasure to meeting Jaime Concha from thefirstpint.co.uk. His website focuses on international students living in Britain, and i will be getting in contact with him for maybe doing something about international fashion trends in London.

All in all, i have an extravagant time networking as a first timer and would definitely like to try it again. I walked away with some contacts and my friends did too. I'm ready to get working !!

Monday, 15 March 2010

A Magazinal Crush

I wake up to this noticeboard everyday- and LOVE IT ! Since being a young girl, i've taken immense pleasure at flicking through magazines- even if it was Sugar magazine back then !! However, it wasn't until recently that i started taking more interest in the visual backdrops, the artistically graphic ad campaigns, the whats hot/whats not section and the immaculate knowledge of the fashionista style literature. Nowadays i have swiftly moved on to the jam packed womans magazines going by the names of Glamour and Company- also a few elitist magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Vogue sit gracefully in my collection!

The reason i love reading Glamour magazine over other 'celebrity' magazines- is because i get a wealth of knowledge, that i can personally choose to distinguish whether i like it by myself. I don't want to read stories or look at images that are completely fabricated, with no real research thrown in. I look deeper and feel the need to see out the full spectrum. For example, the new sensation of 'aztec prints' may not be caught dead in my wardrobe, but i like to see what other people are doing differently with this current trend. Variety fascinates me. Real women's opinions and creativity sparks my interest. Book reviews and real lifes with that teeny bit of celebrity gossip thrown in, gives it that well rounded edge that holds my attention.
Magazines such as Harpers Bazaar are strictly a fantasy for me. Many would complain that there are way too many ads and not enough content to hold their interest. Me, on the other hand would disagree. I pretty much immerse myself with complete dignity into the fantasy that is created by these never ending ads. These publications aren't for the faint hearted and not everyone would be able to understand the content. The research in these magazines are impeccable and the presentation is polished. Icons are used to sell these magazines and credit wheres it due is astounding.
For a person being so culturally obsessed with these various magazines, some may worry that i would take things literally. I know the size zero/skinny model debate has been rinsed to the core, yet many would wonder whether i would be affected by it. Yet again, this goes back to my theory that i can choose what information i want to process. I by no means am a naturally skinny girl. I have natural curves and i have cellulite- HECK i even battled with my weight for most of my life- but i was fortunate enough to go through a stage where i was given crucial guidance on healthy eating and fitness. From going to a couch potato to give me a frikken marathon to run and i'll train and run harder than i have ever run in my life. That's my view on this classic debate. For me, i look at magazines to see the way the model carries the clothes, how the cut of the clothes is appealing and NOT how much more weight i need to lose to look like that beautiful human being staring back at me!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Rise and Fall of Being a Woman :)

Being feminine has been twisted into a lot of contrasting definitions over the years. Nowadays we have an array of sub cultures which are a far cry from what 'womanly fashion' used to be defined as. Rewind back to the 1960's- mini skirts, pinafores and knits were all the rage. Women used to take pride in the elegance of getting ready in the morning. Fashion was exciting, however preferably not as exciting as it is today. Coco Chanel was an avid person who challenged the concept of designers creating unladylike fashion and some of her most memorable quotes included 'fashion is to be made unfashionable' and 'elegance is refusal'. Nowadays alternative fashion genres have challenged the overwhelming simplicity that Coco once fought for. Gothic fashion has become a deeper sense for an individual to escape to. Peoples thoughts and feelings are reflected on the way they dress and they have no problem in hiding it. Also, in recent years haute couture on runways have been a source for the ever increasing tailoring and lifestyle of androgyny. Giorgio Armani and Pierre Cardin have been major contributors in this rise and alongside major role models like model Agyness Deyn, many young women are taking this testosteronic plunge.
For me however, i admire the way fashion has become very personal and individualistic- But i say lets go back to the basics ! - And no i dont mean wearing a £1 vest from Primark ( although you'd be surprised by how much you can do with it ! ) I mean lets go back to the modest innocence of being feminine and almost doll like. With all thats available out there now, everyone can add their own touch on this idea of being a woman.

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