Wednesday, 26 May 2010

80% of your final exam will be based on that one lecture you missed :)

I tend to watch people in disbelief when they pull out a neatly organised calibre of notes from the bag and whine, wail, complain and go through all the stages of a schizophrenic attack to revise for an exam that will not take place for another two months.

I guess there's nothing really wrong with that- can't really argue with people who want to do well. Its just that i have a rather altered viewpoint when it comes to revising for exams. I'm one of those unfortunate few that realises i have an exam to sit the day before or on the actual day. I begin to write notes, but then get sidetracked at the hands of facebook, youtube, food (i cannot even begin to tell you how much of an addict i am to halloumi cheese at the moment) etc. After the immense 2hours of getting sidetracked, i decide to close my computer to avoid any Internet based stimuli that might catch my engrossment. This process then involves holding my notes in my hands, whilst I'm yawning and stretching on my bed in the midst of an unusual daydream (preferably about halloumi cheese).

At that point its wise to give up. The next excruciating morning involves a solid hour of cramming a terms worth of work into my brain, and then on the walk to the exam trying to memorise stuff from my scruffy notes, at the expense of nearly getting killed by cars because I'm not looking :/ o well. To be honest, I've never been one of those people who freaks out over exams. I'm usually calm and content up to the very moment the papers are placed in front of me. Heck i even went out the night before. I don't accept anything-success or failure. I'm neutral.

However, you think revising for the exams is the worst part? Its a completely different story when you get to the exam hall. First, its a complete and utter mission to find your desk. You end up looking like a complete and utter spaz with your neck tilted sideways in the hopes of finding your name. I nearly even came to the conclusion that i was in the wrong exam as it took me forever to find my desk, only to realise that i had wandered off to the straight Psychology side of the room. 'Combined Honours Psychology is on that side' whispered the old lady who had been watching me walk up and down for 5 minutes, shaking her head with pity and a sympathetic smile plastered across her face.

Once you get going, you realise its meant to be silent, but in all do reality its really not. There's a handful of regulars. The person who coughs, usually sitting on the other side of the hall, yet their echos bounce drastically off the walls. Then its the die hard blonde party girl, who seems to have a cold, sniffing away preferably right behind you- great. Then its the guy in the other row, who gave up within the first 5 minutes, with his head collapsed in his hands. I feel for him. Lastly, the person who continuously looks around the room like an idiot - that person tends to be me :) Also, i had the funny feeling that our weird long haired lecturer kept staring at me. Maybe it was just my mind playing cruel tricks on me?

All in all, the first breath of air never tasted so good when i walked out of the stuffy gym hall. I laughed about the exam with my friend, whilst listening in to the multiple choice question disasters from the people behind I went home and slept.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The proper basis for marriage is a mutual misunderstanding :)

It's probably the most distressing situation which i have to go through a couple times a year, with the bulk of it being in the summer. It's like an alien invasion has come to planet Earth turning my nearest and dearest into psycho's and zapping out the light behind their eyes. Its those ghastly weddings that we have some sort of untalked about obligation to grace our presence with. My o my what a nightmare those turn out to be.

It would be okay if they were a bit different every time i went- but nope. The drama starts weeks before, when my mum bursts into my room (without knocking may i add?? God knows what i could be doing in there ;P) and starts screaming at the top of her lungs. By the genuine panic in her voice and the hysteria in which her arms are flapping you would think a family member nabbed themselves a spot in hospital- Oh no...the truth of the matter is she needs to help me find a downright perfect outfit to wear for the next wedding....after all we haven't seen Auntie Sheila since the last family feud two years ago, so my mother needs to make sure that all her children look absolutely immaculate to show that her constant years of bitching about Auntie Sheila haven't in fact, taken a toll on our reputation. Also, Auntie Ruby's daughter has just been accepted on to do medicine at university- for Asian girl who has not forayed into the field of blood and guts, image is CRUCIAL.

Once you get to the wedding, there are rules. Who I'm allowed to talk to and who I'm not. Stay away from the alcoholic uncle and go talk to that women...she looks like she's rich. We don't even need to talk about Auntie Sheila and who gives a shit about getting into med school...i look way better than the highest able and brainy cousin. With snobbery written all over her face I'll give it a pass.

You have to sort of give way to the tension, plaster a fake smile across your face and go and meet relatives you never knew existed. What really gets me annoyed and threatens to alter my smile into a frown (I'm surprised people haven't asked me about my face twitching fits yet) is when you try to be honourable and greet an elderly lady you've never met. You say hi, she makes the excruciating effort to get up and pat you on the head. The hairdo which you have worked on for the past three hours has been ruined.

You would think that's it right? Well combining the painful dance sequences that we have the greatest opportunity to witness via 12 year old girls on the brink of puberty, along with the god awful food ( not a fan of Asian cuisine, i only eat my mum's rice), along with the crowds of people which causes me to believe i will faint at least 4 times in a night, along with the horrifically late entrance of the bride (you just really want to get it over and done with ) it really makes for a mind boggling frame of mind.

I guess that what I'll have to get used to. I'm getting older, people will be expecting me to be a bit more enthusiastic with these weddings and maybe even show people I'm not a cold hearted bitch and that i do indeed possess the unique talent of smiling. Who knows, my mum might start talking to Auntie Sheila again and my cousin might just fail a year. However for the meantime, I'm cool with the role of being the anti-social girl, sitting in the corner, tugging at my uncomfortable clothes and wishing the creepy guy on the other table could quit staring. Seriously, in his dreams...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Love is Blind....Friendship on the other hand tends not to notice

First and foremost this blog entry is dedicated to my beloved Ploy Howell....who always asks me eagerly when I'm writing my next blog..'you have a way with words' as she puts it haha....thanks for the dedication haha love you.

This then inspired me to write a piece on attempting to keep in touch with old friends. I don't know about you but i have been to many different school in my life...and whenever I'm leaving there's always the massive teary eyed fiasco.....old friend -'I'll call you everyday!! I promise!!' - 'you better otherwise I'll freaken come back and stalk you biatcchhh !!'......'haha DEAL....OMFreakinGod I'm going to miss you like crazy. I love you to bits !!!'........True to form, the first excruciating week without your partner in crime does result in a lot of texts and fb stalking to see if some other excuse of a human being has replaced you. However, the endless commenting and liking of your status then distorts to the odd comment every 5months. Throughout my life it's been a vicious cycle, but I've been lucky with my old school...good ol' Sutton High. Every Easter or summer there seems to be some type of a 'catch up'. We all drastically alter our hectic ( or unhectic ) lives to fit in a chat and a good lil giggle with our former peers.

I'm the first one to admit....I'm needy and lovingly put- an attention seeking nuisance of an individual. For me, feeling loved is the ability to recount countless tales with old friends about stupid and annoying things i used to do back in the day. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that other people also remember certain events...and that i wasn't going crazy hallucinating these epic life moments in my cognitive functioning.

I can still sit there and laugh at my times at Sutton High. Especially the time, when i placed a half naked picture of an extremely aggravating Indian actor who held a coke can to his crotch, in the 'pigeon hole' of a deeply religious girl who was ridiculously agitated. I was labelled 'immature'. Harsh. Oh and also the time, when me and my friend convinced a fellow accomplice of ours to take that same girl down to the gym ( that gym should not be called a 'gym'...i don't think a trampoline accounts for much) and convince her she was a lesbian and that she had a crush on her. This turned out to be hilarious, as me and my associates hid in the neighbouring room and trying to unsuccessfully conceal ourselves whilst dissolving into fits of laughter. WOW i sound like a bully...but i can assure you it was all harmless fun and games at the time...and plus that girl didn't seem to have any side effects...i think.

On the other hand, i always love to recount countless tales of our beloved teachers. Mrs. Crouch who proudly announced to my parents at Year 11 parents evening, that i would fail Biology. My ASIAN parents were mortified at the thought of probably the first asian girl in history to ever fail a science exam. I wanted to shove the A down Crouch's throat a couple months later. Also, Mr.Fenlon my best friend who always seemed to catch me talking and no one else. Seriously NO ONE ELSE- just me. Boy that was fun getting told to hush up the average of 5 times in the span of half an hour. From that extreme, to Mrs. Ward...who i never really felt comfortable whenever she was around i never seemed to say anything to her. She thought i was 'painfully shy'.....until that one day when she stared at me in complete shock and horror when she saw me yapping away ferociously to one of my friends. I didn't realise she was watching...

Point is, keep in touch with the oldies !! Sure it's effort, but it's all worth it. Its not all hunky dory though! I always try my best to meet up and stay in touch with everyone...but theres a couple people who've slipped through the cracks. Theres a lot of reasons for that with the most crucial being that people change. I just know that right now I'm currently having the best time with the newest 'crop' of friends at university- But i don't want them to just be can meet anyone on the street, say hi and become friends....i want them to stay my 'partners in crime' FOREVER. There my accessories when i go out and vice versa- and you know what? Its gonna stay that way till Doomsday :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life is a Zoo in a Jungle :)

Right SO, i am now on the 2010/2011 Pugwash magazine team as the new Life and Style Editor :) YAY ME :) !

I have to admit i was terribly unprepared for the speech that i had to give, so much so i could actually feel myself shaking. It was kinda weird as, i standing in front of a large audience and saying something isn't really a MAIN fear of mine- but i guess i was just a bit overwhelmed and didn't realise i had to do a speech, so mentally trying to prepare one with a couple minutes to spare, was probably and evidently not the greatest prep.

Alas, i did turn out to get the role i was running for- But i wondered if i could have prepared a speech and had all the time in the world to say it- what would i say?
Hmmm well

'Howdie everyone. Vote for me as your new life and style editor because i can assure you i can do the role justice- and how u may ask? Well I'm pretty familiar with life. I've got a lot out of it recently. You may or may not know this but I'm a 20 year old student ploughing my way deeper and deeper in debt. Whilst preparing this speech at home, i had 2 twenty p coins, an empty hot chocolate mug, an endless stack of Company magazine, a credit card in tatters, a light bulb I've been meaning to screw in 2 months ago ( the only light that i currently have half heartedly glaring at me is a dim side table lamp) and the existence of a grand total of 0 uni books eyeballing back at me. Therefore with these extensive and monumental achievements under my belt, i am more than qualified to write for you guys in terms of 'life'.

'Style' on the other hand is the equivalent of a hundred different sensations in my head. From discreetly and confidentially being attracted to Little J a.k.a Taylor Momsen sense of style ( no matter how rude i find her in interviews) to preferring the dressed down, 'old Scottish lady with a cat' attire over the complete horror story of a makeover SuBo seems to be receiving- i don't really want to see a 'million dollar smile' ....on her. Eek. Also i pretty much hate the new trend of Aztec print ( i don't live in the Brazilian rain forest ), yet i pretty much treasure my sporty converse heels with my life (fitness shoes that you don't have to wear in the gym??!) I'm a tryer- I'll try a new trend for the sake of it and I'll be open because i want a Oscar Red Carpet-esque debate. Therefore, this pretty much sums up the reasons why i want to be the voice of materialistic reason for you :)

More of me to come in the future. Keep those eyes and ears peeled :)Kudos Love
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