Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cultivate your curves- they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided- Mae West

I thought we had lost the original term of 'Supermodels' to the 90's. Back then, the faces of Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer graced the catwalks. There was something life-like about them compared to the bland 'models' gracing the runway today. It seemed that over the past decade or so, a few hot headed fashion insiders formed a skeletal, miserable definition of creative artistry and the masses thoughtlessly followed. Inevitably, the 90's supermodels were once considered the norm. They were relatable women. Yes arrestingly beautiful, but still relatable. They weren't afraid to walk down a runway and crack a smile. They weren't afraid to be spokeswomen for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. A good head was on their shoulders, that some of them are passing on to their young children nowadays.
As times have changed, so have these once effortlessly coined terms of role model status. Fashion happened to evolve from the mere terms of dressing a woman so she looked presentable, chic and classy to a more outrageous, eccentric and distinctive definition. This has briskly translated to women's body image. Whilst, it has on the surface seemed much more easy for men to continuously be idealised in the form of 'ripped 6 pack abs', women obviously haven't been so lucky. The once curvaceous role models over went a metamorphosis to gaunt models parading down the runway. It was suddenly considered fashionable to shock the public, with an emerging set of models who were championed by high profile designers. Shock was fashion darling !

Within the midst of horror stories of models and actresses claiming to 'starve' themselves in an attempt of obtaining longevity within show business, there have been a few women who have stepped forward recently giving us a sense of hope. Give or take her hopeless romantic gestures in which we had to endure a televised wedding event and then the backlash of her notorious divorce 72 days later, you can't deny Kim Kardashian of being the poster child for a physique that screams perfection. A woman of 5'2 who manages to pack in a punch in terms of curves. Refreshingly she hasn't been a slave to the 'skinny' revolution. There have been a number of other women who have managed to hold cult role model statuses, whether it be the bums of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce or the spectacular chests of Christina Hendricks and Salma Hayek.

Going back to 'supermodels', I think the world owes rising star Kate Upton a lot. The leggy blonde recently made it onto the cover of 'Sport Illustrated', baring her killer curves. Even though the bubbly 19 year old sports quite a sexualised image (reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in her early career days), it isn't in the way that champions overbearingly weird fashion trends, but what the ideal woman would die to epitomise. Also, another thing that makes me want to personally bow down to her is the fact that the girl likes to EAT !!! So much so, friends had to stage an intervention last year when she packed on the pounds. The fact that she isn't considered 'plus size' is a victory. Hey, if she can do it, we can too ! Brace yourself, the 'Supermodels' are back !


Saturday, 11 February 2012

I've been on a diet for two weeks and all i've lost is two weeks- Totie Fields

I went back to Portsmouth last week....and OMG did i need that ! I don't know why I didn't make time to go back sooner. I took the excuse of work and my future potential career and ran with it. Now that i had some free time, I had the perfect opportunity of visiting. The experience was a bit weird ( in a good way !). I guess I owe the place a lot- I'd like to believe that it's the place i grew up. However, it also was the place where i faced a few home truths and had the worst moments of my life- But hey ho ! Back to the actual trip, it felt like good old times. It was fun hanging out with the golden oldies such as Katherine and Gemma! I think the night went by waaaayyyy to quickly as i was having so much fun. However, the next morning i was sporting a HUGE swollen ankle and a variety of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Typical.

I came straight back home to a studio session with 'The Models Portal'. We shot at a different location in North Acton -Unit 15 (Bit of a mission to find- I'm sure EVERYBODY got insanely lost on arrival). We welcomed a bunch of different faces, from models wanting to start a career to professional models. I say this all the time, but I really do enjoy talking to all of them and finding out their motivation for taking part in a professional photo shoot. There was also a birthday girl, having a somewhat calm time, whilst talking to us about her clubbing birthday plans. I have also finished off writing my next article for Young Hollywood, which should hopefully appear on the website soon!

Another thing which I have been participating in with my friend Niv, is the 'Sexy in the City Bootcamp' sessions at London's Liverpool Street. Its an extremely effective workout consisting of twice a week sessions for half an hour each. Phil Hawksworth and Tim Drummond are the trainers who are of fabulous help ! As much as i don't understand the exercises sometimes (especially that weird bending down crawley thing) they're patient and make the whole atmosphere light-hearted. Banter ! They also support you via emails and online coaching. I definitely recommend it ! They have a whole host of locations in London, so make sure to check it out at :)
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