Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stop bullying. No one deserves to feel worthless- Rebecca Black

The television was invented for entertainment purposes. When that morphed into a vicious attack on media personalities - i don't know. When we have nothing better to do on a Saturday night- who do we turn to? Good ol' telly. We get lost in the supposed world of 'trash' television in the form of reality tv and talent shows.

There's always been a brief line when it comes to these kinds of shows. On one hand, there are those types of shows where a bunch of young wannabes sit around doing nothing...and THEN become famous (i.e.Big Brother), but then there's another type- shows where average everyday people have the chance to make their dreams a reality. I have been a massive X-Factor fan ever since it started and even care to follow talent shows across the pond. American Idol is currently airing on ITV and I simply can't get enough. Whilst there may be some individuals that contribute towards the notion of 'trash' television on these types of shows, more than enough talented individuals make up for it. In Jennifer Lopez's terms, there are moments when I get 'GOOSIES' witnessing some people perform.

I don't think it's fair that people should get criticised for taking the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. It's a far cry from the people who stay at home and drop nasty comments with ease. If I don't like or agree with something, I don't go out of my way to find a popular message/forum board and let everyone know my innermost darkest thoughts about a particular person. Spooky. The way on-line outlets are rammed with spiteful comments is truly shocking. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when these 'opinions' become personal, threatening and evil, I feel sorry for society in general. How can someone feel it's okay to say things like that just because no one can see them? They're a faceless component of social media. Another forgotten form of cyber bullying.

Personally I think its time to take a deep breath, chill and think about the old saying- if you've got nothing good to say then don't say it at all.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beauty fades...dumb is forever- Judge Judy

I've made the announcement on Facebook and Twitter, but thought i would write a blog post about me being a finalist for Miss.Universe Great Britain 2012. One of the most important pageants in the UK, with one lucky lady obtaining the opportunity to represent Great Britain at Miss.Universe this December (exciting overseas venue yet to be confirmed).

It all started back in January. I sat in a casting room surrounded by absolutely beautiful girls and felt so incredibly intimidated sitting in the corner by myself. However, I felt my personal interview went well and left feeling slightly better (and normal) about myself. It was about 2 weeks ago when i got a huge letter through the post congratulating me on my finalist position and accompanying information about preparation for the final. I was ECSTATIC. This definitely showed me...maybe a little self confidence next time won't hurt?

When I think back to my previous role models, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta and Rima Fakih- they all dominated the pageant world and carved out distinctive and popular niches out for themselves. I'm not saying i'll win (here's the self confidence thing again), but I know i'll try my best. I've been watching Miss.Universe for years now and hopefully this gives me the confidence to try out other news things as well !

This has also given me the much needed motivation to get in shape and perhaps be a bit more articulate. However, at the end of the day I'll still probably be a curvy, horror movie loving kind of girl up on stage come this May- And I'll do my best to represent all girls like me !

I will carry on updating everyone through this blog. I will also be making my own page for the pageant soon. Evening gowns, make-up and a vast knowledge of current affairs- Bring it on !
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