Sunday, 15 April 2012

Don't hate the media, become the media- Jello Biafra

There are many different facets to media and the following are things i'm pleased about:

1) Company Magazine launched a new bitesized version of their magazine earlier on this year. Edgy, urban and forward thinking at it's best. I feel as if it's the only magazine aimed at my age group specifically (early 20s). I've been a Company reader for many years now and more than ever before there are cool case studies of women making it in creative industries. There's a little something special about it that I feel takes the NO.1 spot in my magazine collection, over Glamour Magazine (still a fab magazine but I feel as if its aimed at women in their late twenties.

2) Twitter. I'm not the biggest social media clinger. I guess I do use the internet everyday, but I don't claim to be a genius about it. Ever since graduating university last year, countless people would sit me down and rave about the benefits of Twitter. In today's job market you need an extra edge and that was created in the form of my very own Twitter page. A LinkedIn profile, may I add is also very beneficial to seek employment and catch the eye of potential employers.

3) The rise of role model status come female journalists. Not only has my absolute idol Giuliana Rancic nabbed her own E! True Hollywood Story (the pinnacle of a celebrity's career in my opinion), but she bravely beat out breast cancer and isn't afraid to share her story with the world. Kudos.

4) The evolution of the press to construct a timeline for celebrities. Paparazzi are by all means one of the one most annoying people on the face of the planet and possess one of the crassest jobs in the market- But with photos you can piece together the progression of personalities you admire. It shows how they were, what they did before and how they got to the top. There a certain sense of admiration when witnessing someone's star rise to the top.

5) Whereas in some sense we don't have as much privacy as we had years ago, we now have more the enough tools to decide how we want our social media presence to be. Employers can easily look you up on facebook and find out whether you've been drinking everyday for the past week, or witness those slightly x-rated pictures you put up when you were messing around with your friends. We now have the ability and advantage to sort through our multiple accounts. If you can't bear to stop being the life of the party, then keep FB PRIVATE. For professional purposes make a Twitter account and keep it clean cut or get a blog to voice your opinions and thoughts.
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