Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kat Dennings at the Emmys 2012

'I tried being anorexic for four hours, but then I was like, I need some bagels'- Kat Dennings

Ofcourse the 'Emmys' were on this weekend and amongst the whole host of sequins, lace, fur and general whack, there was Kat Dennings from '2 Broke Girls', who stunned in her simple red J Mendel dress. The reason why I chose her as best dressed of the night was due to the carefree and no fuss nature of her styling, with limited jewellery, flowing locks and barely there make-up. She champions the beauty that is lost amongst the dorito-esque fake tan and the skeletal collar bone jutting physiques. The only thing she had to concentrate on was standing up straight otherwise her '2 girls' would give us an eyeful. But let's face it- She knows she has great boobs. We know she has great boobs. Let's all rejoice over her boobs !

Jabeen Xxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

News Journalism Course at London School of Journalism

This past Wednesday I started my evening 'News Journalism' course at 'The London School of Journalism' in Maida Vale. Whereas in previous years I would walk into the room completely uninterested, this time my eyes were wide open and my ears were perked up, engaged in every single word that was uttered. It finally feels good to be learning about something I am genuinely passionate about.

Giuliana Rancic- my ultimate role model
I have no formal qualifications or training in journalism or writing- But ever since I can remember I would be locked away in my room writing mini stories and transforming them into lop-sided badly coloured books. Even as a little one I had a massive and at times questionable imagination. However back then, writing was a hobby and I never thought of it as a career. I started properly writing whilst I was at university, where I went on to become 'Features Editor' for my University's magazine in the final year. Straight after graduating, I was offered plenty of exciting intern work and over the past year I have been busy impressing, running errands and writing about various different topics. Building an online social media presence is very important to me and I have plenty of fun doing that through Twitter and my blog. The only thing I felt that was missing was getting some sort of formal education in journalism. The reasons for attending this course are as follows:

*Learning how to write for different audiences i.e newspapers and magazines
*Gaining familiarity with Vox-pops and gaining confidence to include public opinion in my stories. I would love to be an entertainment host/reporter so this skill is crucial for me.
*Have the confidence to market my blog in alternative ways.
*Until you get a job, work experience/internships are crucial. I would like to keep on emersing myself in new environments to get a whole hearted feel of the media industry. This course will help sharpen my skills and give me the edge over other internship competitors.
*I have pitched entertainment stories to websites and have had my stories picked up before- But I would also like to know how to pitch more serious stories to influential magazines.
*I want to build more contacts
*I want to be more versatile. Sure everyone has a niche, and I have my own tunnel vision for what I want to achieve in the future- but I also want to have my hands in every basket and be more well-rounded.
*I would like to know how to build myself as a brand- Whether it be my own website, my signature style or my own tagline.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey Review

I was hearing extraordinary things about a certain book for a long time. But it wasn't until a colleague of mine was sitting on an uncomfortable chair with her legs up on a cardboard box on her lunch break, totally lost in the second instalment of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', that got me thinking. With a twinkle in her eyes, she barely looked up at me when she longingly whispered 'I wish I could have an affair like this'. I was a little bemused at the revelation of her thoughts as she has been in a loving relationship with her live-in boyfriend for a while now. It was that moment I realized I HAD to give in and read it. I'm usually not a fan of following the hype of media trends (I have never seen The Hunger Games, any Twilight films and seen maybe two Harry Potter films after friends dragged me to the cinema). But this was different. I was genuinely curious to find out about all the claims that were made about this book.Why was it called 'mummy porn'? Many claim it's a society defying book giving permission to alternative sexual pleasures to be more idealised today- Is it really? The other half claim it is merely a pointless hype and the book is badly written- Is it really?

Finishing the first book I can say that - yes it DOES challenge sexual boundaries. I would like to commend the author E.L. James for bringing a topic that is regarded as 'vulgar' by many into the mainstream. I'm not one of those radical feminists who believes that the submissive female qualities in this book is a slap in the face. Who says women don't like to talk and engage on their own terms about topics such as 'sex'? It's no longer a hush-hush kind of topic and even for traditional cultures this book is a good wake up call. We are living in the 21st Century and for cultures that believe women don't even think about sex are sorely mistaken. This book isn't promoting explicit sex, but a freedom of choice. Anastasia Steele was a virgin until she met Christian Grey. It was her curiosity that drove her to be Christian's submissive. The option of saying 'no' was always there for her.

Another thing I don't understand is the need to dub this book 'mummy porn'. I know that this book has been all the rage with audiences of all ages, but the main characters are in their 20's. Was there a large undercover cult of married middle aged woman who led a double life engaging in erotic slavery that was finally brought to life with the brave emergence of this book? I doubt it. Sure i'm not sweeping the passionate love of older women under the rug, but the label of 'mummy porn' does not sit well with the characters and plot of this book. There I was at the beginning thinking this book was all about middle aged people having orgies. There are many young women like Anastasia in their twenties who are discovering their sexual freedom, so to dub it 'mummy porn' is misleading.

In terms of the actual writing, E.L James slowly introduces new ways for Christian to seduce and enlighten inquisitional Anastasia, but for the most part the descriptive nature of those scenes become repetitive. The first couple of sections of written porn are alarmingly alluring and gratifying but the effect soon wears off. I also feel at rare but evident moments throughout the book there's a disconnect between the middle aged author and the young characters she is writing about. For example, in the foreplay scenes she conveys 22 years old Anastasia's thought processes in which 'Oh My' seems to be at the epicentre of her pleasure. That seems to be too much of an upper-class reflection of anticipating trashy sex.

On the whole, I don't have any other glaringly obvious problems with the writing of the book. E.L James is a talented author after all and deserves credit when it's due. I think it's just general nit picking from the audience who have their own tastes. Many are just reading it for the hype of the book and genuinely don't hold an interest in erotic literature. I'm sure after the first instalment of Fifty Shades, they will retire to their preferred reading material. I did however find a lack of a plot- But I'm going to disregard that as I do realise it's a trilogy.

I have to admit that I did expect more of a 'page turner'. Even though the book held my interest, I took my time reading it over the past three weeks. With other books, I have been known to finish them in a matter of hours as I literally haven't been able to put them down. But I do think that's where E.L.James takes it slow and focuses on an intense rollercoaster of character building and the natural pleasures of life. I will be reading the other books in the trilogy and will be looking forward to the hotly anticipated film whenever it releases. To see who they cast will be interesting as I have an image of what the characters look like in my head and I don't want any hotshot casting directors to mess with that. Overall I can say that I'm in with most people on the hype of this book- But you still won't catch me watching Twilight!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September 11th Anniversary - Looking Back

It has been 11 years since the September 11th attacks and the instinctual emotional impact of the tragic event has worn off for some. Over the years we have been plagued with movies, documentaries and varying eye witness accounts of the terrorist attacks. Inevitably the media has desensitized us to the actual event, with some people now shrugging it off as the fateful day approaches each year. It doesn't seem to be a momentary concern for people anymore, as every week we are faced with other fresher tragedies that deserve our immediate emotional respects too- whether it's shooting massacres or natural disasters. Over the years, other people have forgotten the bigger picture of the innocent victims and have pointed fingers at various figures including the controversial George Bush who 'could have prevented this from happening'. No one is at fault other that the monsters who broke the hearts of not only America but the rest of the world. I have many opinions about the various stories and situations I have read over the past 11 years regarding September 11th and about the ghastly people (mainly in the media) who have taken advantage of the situation- But right now I just want to pay respect and remember all those innocent people that lost their lives on that terrible conclusive day.

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