Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Company Magazine's Guide to Blogging

Company Magazine's blogging forum panel
Company Magazine editor Victoria White, super blogger Susie Bubble, Rhiannon Ashlee from Fashion Rocks My Socks, plus representatives from Oh My Love London, Boohoo and Handpicked Media sat in a concave row at the front of the auditorium. The rest of us bright eyed and eager staring back. Almost like Mr.Miyagi and Daniel-san, but with a fashionista flair. Amongst drinks and friendly natter, we were immersed in the Company Blogging Forum. Company Magazine has been at the forefront of championing bloggers and giving them a chance to excel creatively and succeed in the dog eat dog world of fashion and social media. The guest speaks dug in straight away highlighting all the important factors of blogging which ended with questions from the audience that almost seemed like a casual conversation. Being a blogger for a couple years now, I've learnt crucial factors along the way on a 'trial and error' basis. However, it's great to get validation of these particular blogging skills from a professional panel. The following points are what really stood out-


*Finding a unique niche and angle for your blog will work wonders, from photographic content to style of literature. You don't want your blog to be a carbon copy of another blog.
Me with Susie Bubble!

*Quality if always superior to quantity. This will enable you to hold the interest of an audience so that they'll return to your blog and inevitably grow with you.

*Social networking is of the utmost importance. It's crucial to build and keep a genuine relationship with the brands you work with.

*Linking social networks is vital, so readers know where to find you on all your social media platforms.

*Nothing puts people off more than bad punctuation and grammar. Proofread!

*Always make sure to credit photo sources. You'd prefer not to receive an angry email telling you take an image down.

*Be true to yourself, write about what YOU want to. Don't dwell on the success of others. If you feel passionate about particular things, others out there will too.

*YouTube seems to be a great platform to build your social media 'personality'. I was asked a couple times, if I had my own channel. Of-course, I've been thinking about it for ages and know exactly what kind of videos I would want to make. Just a case of getting started!

I feel like us bloggers are sometimes considered a rare breed of species that our 'normal' friends don't understand, so I felt content in making new friends who were just like me. It also felt good having people staring at me with envy on my way home as I sashayed unapologetically with my Company goody bag :)

Treats in the Company goody bag !


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stylist...A New Fashion Community

Stylight's hearting system
It's always refreshing to see another fashion community making waves on-line. Stylight has been doing just that with it's exclusive fresh European flair catering for all different fashionistas- And I'm not using the word 'catering' loosely- they also bake fabulous fashion cakes! (Everyone with a sweet tooth- take note)

The site is a marvel in itself and features over 4000 different brands from over 70 online shops making it the biggest fashion community in Europe. You'll end up finding unique pieces-some pieces you didn't even know existed or feel the need to own before!

At Stylight you're allowed to build up your own style profile where you can play around with different outfit pieces and see what looks hot or not. The hearting system is inevitably another major incentive to sign up, allowing you to 'heart' items you adore and keep a tab on all your favorite web-shops.

A mood board at Stylight
Mood boards are another great component of this site and as well as feeding your inspiration you can see other people's creativity and references on their own mood boards. Communication is key in fashion and this is what Stylight promotes by letting you liaise with other fashion lovers from Europe. Inevitably, there is something for everyone in this fashion hub, including their very own on-line magazine! Enjoy browsing the site and feeding your inner fashion feline!

Stylight's magazine!
For more information visit http://www.stylight.co.uk/


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Please Pass the Child Model Law

Model Coco Rocha has teamed up with Model Alliance
to improve the working conditions of young models
Coco Rocha has teamed up with Model Alliance, a non-union organisation which fights for fashion model rights, for a proposed child model law to be passed. The law which was configured by Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein, State Labor Committee Chairwoman Diane Savino and Assemblyman Steven Otis is a welcomed effort to change the working conditions of young models.

If the law is passed, young print and runway models under the age of 18 would require chaperones on set such as other child performers in the entertainment business. The law would also ensure that a portion of their earnings goes into a financial trust and that they won't miss much school work. If passed, this law could dramatically impact the fashion industry- an industry which regularly attracts and employs young girls, in which many are exploited.

It seems ludicrous that the reasoning for young models to not have the same rights as others their age in similar industries is due to their 'attractive lifestyle' and 'large salaries'. The Model Alliance has mentioned that an average model makes $32000 annually in a career that spans only 5 years. In a survey conducted by the Model Alliance, 86% said they were asked to pose nude without any prior notice and 30% had experienced sexual misconduct. Only models who appear on television broadcast are protected by 'The Department of Labor'. In a bizarre unveilment, states such as Alaska, Louisiana and Iowa have stronger protections for child models than the hub of the fashion industry- New York.

Press conference image taken from modelalliance.org
The founder and director of the Model Alliance-Sara Ziff, a former model, is pleased that this is the first piece of legislation born directly from the organisation's advocacy work- And I understand why. Being a young fashion model is extremely difficult, especially starting from as young as 13 and 14. Long hours without chaperones and tutors on set are difficult components of this job for young models. They shouldn't be making decisions about posing nude at the last minute and frankly shouldn't be offered such a job at all.  Ziff believe this proposed legislation would not only protect children who are already working in the business, but also those who come to New York with 'stars in their eyes'.

Director of Fordham's Fashion law Institute is hopeful for the new bill- 'It's a child protection bill- no one votes against that'- And with that both Rocha and Ziff say that the response to the bill has been positive so far- but they are suspicious of people in the business harbouring different opinions behind closed doors. Ziff said she gained the support of several modelling agencies, yet they failed to attend the press conference the Model Alliance and lawmakers held to promote the bill.

Sara Ziff- founder and president of Model Alliance
However, as-well as receiving my personal support,  the bill has received an open showering of support from the likes of Tyra Banks who mentioned 'I look forward to seeing young models have rights my generation did not'

For more information visit http://modelalliance.org/


Friday, 7 June 2013

Sister-In-Law's Birthday

On June 6th we celebrated the birthday of my sister-in-law, Koukab. She turned 25 years old- not much older than me! We had a fabulous time- the pictures below prove it :) PS. It's more than half a year away, but can't wait for my 24th!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mini Book Haul - Barry Lyga, Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Sasha Grey

I loved reading as a child. While other children would be outside climbing trees and engaging in vigorous pre-pubescent boy vs girls games that rivalled West Side Story-I would sit in my dim room with my back against the freezer placed inconveniently in my room. Life in a small Wandsworth flat was boring enough for me to get happily lost in stories that sparked my early journey into creative personal passion-And whilst I may have lost touch with literary references during my teenage years- those Roald Dahl, R.L Stine and Jacqueline Wilson stories inevitably stayed with me. This past year I've re-ignited my passion for reading and with my latest collection of new publications, I thought I would do a mini book haul- So enjoy :)

Obviously blogging has transformed into a real passion of mine over the past couple of years- And when I saw this book unexpectedly in Urban Outfitters, I KNEW I had to get it! I haven't started reading it yet, but this book features in-depth explanation, tips and tricks to maximise the success of your blog. The book in itself is quirky and visually engaging. Without question, a must read for new bloggers as well as seasoned pros.

Fifty Shades of Grey has nothing on this book! If 'The Juliette Society' made its way into popular culture, then there would be an uproar. Not just due to it's extreme filthy content which the author refers to in the blurb (the title above), but because of the author herself- Sasha Grey. A seasoned hardcore porn-star who already retired at the age of 21, after being critically acclaimed for her no-holds-bar X-rated work. The front cover looks female-friendly enough, yet when you turn the pages you're immersed in your wildest fantasies. She obviously draws from her own experiences of being in the business and even though it features a barely noticeable lack of plot- it's still a thrilling read! I remember reading this a couple weeks ago on the train and felt the presence of another girl reading along over my shoulder and she nearly had a heart attack! 

Lastly, everyone knows I'm obsessed with crime novels and hope to have my own published one day! This seemed like such an interesting criminal read, complete with a psychological stance. I'm excited to start reading this and inevitably I will compare this to my ever growing collection of crime books. I enjoy researching and indulging in all the different angles crime writers take to bring their book to life!

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