Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Best Ghost-Hunting Equipment

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a dirty little secret. If I had a chance I would run away with like-minded people and become a paranormal investigator, unveiling the truth behind the ghastliest nooks and crannies of the worlds most haunted locations. This doesn't have the most welcomed potential to happen. However if it does, I need to stay prepared. Here's a lowdown on all the equipment I will be carrying in my kit one day.

These help you gain access to high quality images, capturing potential paranormal activity. The night vision shows unseen infrared light, whilst the full spectrum let's us see far beyond our eye sight

As a compass reacts to any magnetic or electrical stimulus out of the ordinary, it is ideal for picking up electromagnetic forces.

A rapid drop of temperature can indicate the presence of spirits.

A small object such as a coin would be perfect. This needs to be placed on a piece of paper on a table. A circle should be drawn around the coin. Later the coin should be re-examined to see if it has been moved.

These detectors can pick up electronic fields over a range of frequencies. Apparently ghosts have the ability to manipulate these fields.

You usually see these in all those paranormal documentaries! These detectors pick up electronic voice phenomenon. A must for communicating with spirits from beyond.

Allows us to see a lot more than we can with the naked eye.

More commonly known as a 'ghost catcher'. Place away from drafts and winds and you'll know of an unknown presence if it moves!

Ghost hunters believe that paranormal energy can drain equipment energy. Bring extra back-up!

Stay in touch and stay safe!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Surrey Hills - New Reality TV Show

I live in Cheam, Surrey. However, that mere fact alone does not grant me a lucrative position on 'Surrey Hills'- a new docu-soap, taking inspiration from reality show giants Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex.

The requirements for auditioning for the show include 'moving in celebrity circles' and 'a life full of parties, champagne and sports cars.' These put me out of the running straight away. I don't call a fashion A-lister my best friend, nor am I involved in a grizzly love triangle. Selected applicants who do harbor glamorous reality TV traits have already been uploaded on to YouTube. They are larger than life personalities, gleefully crossing their fingers in hope for their shot at UK's next big reality star, and comments under the video are already declaring their 'shame' at being associated with Surrey- All the makings of a hit reality TV show.

'Surrey Hills' hasn't announced what TV show has commissioned the series and they are pretty tight lip about many other details. However, auditions are still rolling in with an open casting set for 27th July in Weybridge. With over a thousand on-line applicants in their first week alone, this casting session will bring out Surrey's finest. Expect well dressed wannabes rolling up in fast cars, boasting about their professional and personal achievements.

The nation is divided on this matter. Whether you enjoy digging into the glamorous lives of people your own age, or are appalled at the thought of individuals forgoing their lives on television to get their 15 seconds of fame, I'm sure many will tune in once the show premieres to see what the hype is about! Below is just one audition- enjoy :)

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Monday, 15 July 2013

The History of the Hollywood Sign

Peg Entwistle became a symbol of failure
The idea of the 'American Dream' is bound with years of ambition, struggle and heightened success that has paved way for a plethora of individuals to try their luck. Parallel to this vision is the famous 'Hollywood' sign- a cultural landmark, known world over. The Hollywood sign is associated with an array of showbiz glamour, that has stood the test of time. Join me for a little bit of history-

In 1907 bad weather drove a Chicago based film company to head West to complete their film shoot. More film production companies got wind of the great weather and the scenic shooting grounds of Hollywood. The film industry bloomed and by 1920, 40 million Americans were going to the movies each week. The rise of the film industry meant Hollywood had to cater for their niche clientele with an array of dazzling restaurants and nightclubs.

Hollywood became a lifestyle and had such an influence on popular culture that Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler, decided to build the 'Hollywoodland' sign for an upscale real estate development project in 1923. The sign quickly became a social hub and by the end of the year was a high profile beacon. However, it was only intended to last for a year and a half.

Hollywood sign
Pulled down for a major re-design in the 70's
In 1938, business man Don Lee extended his business to radio and purchased a 20-acre site behind the Hollywoodland sign, which was an ideal location for cities to receive his signal transmissions. He built an incredible state of the art broadcasting studio which went on to became a major success. After the war, the studios moved to Mount Lee for an even better location.

The sign made more of a cultural significance to the movie industry in 1932, when New York stage actress Peg Entwistle climbed to the top of the H letter of the sign and plunged to her death, after being met with constant rejection. The day after her death she received a letter from the famous Beverly Hills Playhouse to play a lead in a role. The role was about a woman who was driven to suicide. This signified the cut-throat world behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

During the years after the war, the film industry was plummeting in terms of box office statistics due to the rise of household TV sets. Alongside that concern, the Hollywoodland sign was falling apart. In 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce fixed the toppling letter H and removed the LAND. However, during the heightened crime culture in the 1960's, the Hollywood sign suffered yet again, before being given official landmark status. In 1970, the sign was given a complete re-design worth a quarter of a million dollars, funding aided by a variety of celebrities.

Nowadays the sign is a vision of cultural links associated with movies, TV, music and business. Many stories have been associated with the Hollywood sign over the years from dreams coming true to lost dreams. It will continue to be a staple of influence for those working in the entertainment industry and even those hoping for intensified success in general.
The sign today- Standing the test of time


Friday, 12 July 2013

A Newbie's Guide to TV Presenting

Giuliana's personality
makes you want to be
her best friend
I'm not a pro at conducting interviews. Nor do I have years of experience in the TV Presenting arena. However, I do tend to read plenty of over-hyped advice from TV presenting professionals who unknowingly put the fear of God in you- And don't get me wrong, their advice IS stellar. It would just be nice to have somebody who's in the same boat as you. For the tonnes of people who decide to break through their nerves and begin to realize their dream of being a TV presenter, it's great to have a community and share advice from others in the same position. Here are a few authentic advice from a fellow newbie-

1) Do your research. There's nothing worse than fumbling over your questions. Straight of the back it shows
that you don't have the chops to be a TV presenter. In other cases, make sure you know all the facts, figures and names. Getting information wrong is highly offensive! I always make a point to over-prepare than under-prepare. I write every potential question down and exhaust Google with my research in the days leading up to an interview. It really does set the tone for the day.

2) It may be hard to remember or even acknowledge when you are a bag of nerves BUT the people you are interviewing are WAY more nervous than you. I've always had nerves at the beginning of an interview, but straight away I've realised that the people i'm interviewing are petrified. They talk too fast, they stutter, they don't know what to do with their hands. It's your job to put them at ease. The first question is the hardest but once you get it out of the way it turns into a conversation instantly. Set that casual tone from the beginning so you can conduct the best interview possible!

3) You should treat every opportunity like a networking opportunity, especially your early presenting jobs. It doesn't matter if you've interviewed a dog whisperer- hand them your business card. Always carry a wad around with you, especially since they're so cheap nowadays!

4) I understand TV Presenting training/courses are ridiculously expensive, but it is great to get some initial training from professionals so you have some sense of direction as to how to act. There's no point splashing out on the longest training course available, but investing in a weekend course like I did will be beneficial. I gained so much confidence in 2 days that I wasn't expecting and did everything from script writing to shooting my show-reel.

5) Say yes to anything. In the early stages you don't really have a choice to say no to a presenting job. Well you do, but your replaceable in a heartbeat. It will also give you a bad name in the industry from the on-set. It's difficult enough to get a presenting job and when you go on to dismiss it, it's a major sin. If it's a case of not being interested in the presenting topic, just pretend you are- you have a show-reel to build in the first instance. Once you have a lot of footage you can really hone down on your craft. If it's a case of travel, ask if the company will cover your expenses. I asked recently and everything worked out just fine.

6) Don't compare yourself to others. Laura Whitmore may look exquisite on screen and no one can play off quirky charm like Giuliana Rancic, but find out what your own style is.

7) Rejection hurts like a bitch. Shrugging it off means you don't care about your career. Take 5 minutes tops to mourn the loss of that job and then move on. I deal with constant rejection, but once in a while I get a golden opportunity which I appreciate. 

8) YouTube videos will help create your brand. Get out there and show off your hosting skills. The great thing with making videos is you can hone your skills on a trial and error basis. You have an audience that can help you decide what works and what doesn't. Also try not to conform! Don't do a smoky eye tutorial if you feel as if everyone else is doing it on YouTube.

9) Dress the part! I've heard shocking stories of people turning up looking like they've rolled out of bed. If that is your personal style, then at least make it look like you've rolled out of bed from the right side.

10) Don't instantly turn your smile into a frown once the camera stops rolling. It's the fakest thing ever!! C'mon guys- at least enjoy it- this is your passion!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

South Asian YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos and am even in the process of planning my very own vlogs. In the array of talented YouTube hair, make-up and lifestyle gurus, it's hard to sift through and find someone you can truly resonate with. I could watch plenty of tutorials on a smoky eye or how to tease your hair- but being South Asian, what about my horrific dark under eye circles or pigmentation?

Thankfully there's a whole new host of South Asian YouTubers who are filling that gap and on the way have provided advice to thousands (and even millions) of people just like me. Here are some of the girls at the top of their game-

Farah Dhukai's videos features advice for healthy hair, clean skin and home remedies to reduce under eye issues! She touches upon so many issues that you thought only you suffered from!

Features the typical skin of many South Asian women- pick up some great advice from Indiandancer724. Watch her transform- she's gorgeous with killer hair!

  Cheezz12345 provides some great looks and make-up tutorials! Her approach is more professional- a make-up teacher!

A great role model for the younger viewership. Trubeauty7 is a 16 year old with a love of make-up and a huge self-confessed talker!

Learn from the Pageant Professors! This company was created by a group of friends, with one of them from an Indian background. She provides a thorough make-up routine, whether you're competing or not!

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