Thursday, 26 September 2013

ATM Movie Review

'Rotten Tomatoes has given it a bad review,' my little brother informed me. Ignoring his unspoken wants to watch a boyish alien movie, I fired back 'but the trailer looks good'. With that we settled in to watch 'ATM'. According to the trailer, it seemed as if the plot involved 3 colleagues who become trapped in an ATM booth by an unknown man witnessing their desperate attempts to get out alive.

Before I move any further, I have to mention that I was excited to see the casting of Josh Peck, portraying an obviously far cry from his overweight loveable Drake and Josh days. He played Corey, the extremely arrogant third wheel of the couple trying to overcome nerves to get to know one another. With his sunken in 'don't care' eyes, I believe he fit the brief well enough. Moving on, I was a bit unsure about the casting of Brian Geraghty as David at first, due to his lack of leading man charisma. But it quickly became clear that his role and aura fit that of a quiet softly spoken man too nervous to talk to the girl of his dreams, Emily. Emily was played by Alive Eve and she fit the character to a T. Gorgeous blonde bombshell. I think it was a good thing that actors who have been working for a long time in Hollywood but have yet to hit crazy superstar status a-la Pitt-Jolie, were chosen for this film, attempting to give it a more authentic feel.

There were however scenes throughout the movie where the quality of acting kept coming in and out. When the suspense gripped me, all three were completely on point-But during the slower paced times, such as the scenes at the beginning of the film and moments in between their turmoil, when they stopped to talk about 'life' and 'what could have been', the delivery of their lines was robotic and didn't seem to flow. That was a bit of a shame, as all three of these actors had the heavy burden of carrying this film, due to the lack of other character roles.

The plot in itself was quite clever and the cold mystery of the 'unknown man' was depicted well. There were many moments throughout, were I thought to myself, 'what would I do in this situation?' The ending like many other suspense thrillers was slightly confusing but not completely 'what the hell- I just wasted an hour and a half of my life'. The killer was never caught and retreated back to his remote warehouse to pick up another case file, whilst David got taken away by the police. I'm sure producers thought of this to make the ending chilling and leave a lasting impact- But for me, all I wanted was a happy ending.

All in all, I understand the concern my brother had for the rating of this film. But it was a good time pass film. Surprisingly at times, it had you gripped but other moments it let you down. If you want to watch this movie, watch it when you're bored or tired with little expectations and then you'll be pleasantly surprised. For a hardcore film buff, this one's not for you.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Miss America's First Indian Winner Met by Racists Comments

Somewhere deep within the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, 89 year old Vege Koteshwaramma cried tears of joy in the early hours of Monday 16th September. Her granddaughter had just become the first Indian woman to win Miss.America 2014 back in New Jersey, USA where it was still a glittering Sunday night. 24 year old Nina Davuluri had just earned the American dream.

As part of her Miss.America win, she also won a $50,000 scholarship which she no doubt will use to fund her dream of becoming a doctor. A dream that she essentially has in the bag. I mean she won Miss.America hasn't she? She can do anything. A glowing example that anyone can reach their goals if they tried hard enough. As for the international stories regarding the outcry of racists remarks via social media, let me just say- American born South Asians can be your doctors, your teachers, make waves in US politics and grace the pages of Forbes Richest- but they're still not good enough to be your Miss.America? Ridiculous. Social media has uncovered a whole host of stereotypes and prejudices that many claim to be just hear-say, but in a particular manner we should thanks social media for unveiling these viewpoints. We can now address the problem and educate- because some of those ignorant uneducated comments- WOW REALLY??! Maybe we need to enforce more Geography lessons at school or something?

Nina, herself has decided to rise above the hurtful remarks and has applauded the Miss.America organisation for celebrating cultural diversity. She is an incredible role model for not only Indian girls, but Pakistani girls like myself- plus other girls of South Asian decent, in fact any girl who is not considered a blonde hair blue eyed girl next door. I entered the British qualifier to Miss.Universe over a year ago and considered my experience to be to premature. I was swamped with gorgeous girls who I thought people would like to see as a winner over me any day- tall, gorgeous, skinny. However, now I think maybe a size 12, 5'5 Pakistani British has potential to be celebrated on an international platform. Nina Davuluri has given me that hope. Anything is possible. Plus can I just re-iterate- how much of a local celebrity will Nina's grandmother be in her little town?! Who would have thought?

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