Thursday, 27 February 2014

NME 2014 Awards - Winners

The O2 Academy in Brixton, London was home to the 2014 NME Awards, which is voted for by the magazine's musically immersive readers. Alongside some spectacular red carpet fashion which will set to change come Sunday for the Academy Awards, some well deserved winners were announced such as the Arctic Monkeys, Haim and Lily Allen. A special congratulations to Deborah Harry who won the first ever 'Godlike Genius' award with her iconic band Blondie. I also think Harry Styles will arrogantly boast about his villain award! A slight shock of the night was Lorde walking away with zilch accolades- hey, she can't dominate everything so early on in her career! Touching upon the cool fashion of the night, my favourite looks were won by Haim, Laura Whitmore, Louis Robinson, Peaches Geldof and Lilah Parsons. Who needs sparkling evening gowns and diamonds to look glamorous?! To try to recreate this look head over to All Saints for some key pieces. The full set of winners are listed below!

Can celebs dress like this at every awards show?

Godlike Genius
Songwriters’ Songwriter
Paul McCartney
Award For Innovation
Damon Albarn
Teenage Cancer Trust Outstanding Contribution to Music Award
Belle & Sebastian
Best British Band
Arctic Monkeys
Best International Band
Best Solo Artist
Lily Allen
Best New Band
Best Live Band
Arctic Monkeys
Best Album
Arctic Monkeys, 'AM'
Best Track
Disclosure, 'White Noise'
Best Music Video
Eagulls, 'Nerve Endings'
Best Festival
Best TV Show
Breaking Bad
Best Music Film
Made Of Stone
Philip Hall Radar Award
Fat White Family
Best Reissue
The Clash, 'Sound System'
Best Band Blog Or Twitter
Alana Haim, Haim
Best Book
Morrissey - Autobiography
Best Small Festival
Best Fan Community
Arctic Monkeys
Music Moment Of The Year
Noel and Damon come together for Teenage Cancer Trust
Worst Band
The 1975
Hero Of The Year
Alex Turner
Villain Of The Year
Harry Styles


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Pretty Reckless' New Music Video Heaven Knows

I clearly like to champion Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless. I've already penned a blog post about her sexy artwork and European tour dates, which you can view right here. (Someone please get me to Wembley on March 20th!) It's now been nearly two weeks since the music video to their new single 'Heaven Knows' has been released, which I feel the need to share with everyone in this post. I feel as if her good-girl gone bad image is so catastrophized by mainstream media that many have no interest in her music at all. Which is a decision of uneducated haste. An alternative metal and hard rock band at its finest.
In the video she appears completely nude, strategically covered with a black arrow body paint and sporting insane amount of jealousy enducing eye make-up. Innocent children and drug using adults are also featured showing a stark difference in the voyage between childhood and adulthood. What also gets me are the sultry, angry, passionate lyrics that spear right through me- coupled with her twisted narratives and spooky story-telling. This type of sexual angst would be deceiving from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. After my excessive erotic ramblings of this Queen, if you still chose not to chose her choice, then that is your choice. If you do choose to choose her choice, then you're in for one hell of a ride.

For more information visit The Pretty Reckless 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Flappy Chappy - Addictive New Gaming App

Are you ready to become addicted all over again?
Exciting news for all you Flappy Bird fans! My brother Dabeel Waheed and his friend Mark Van Der Spuy have come up with the latest mobile game to fill the game market since Flappy Bird left! On 18th February a new app for iOS users was released with the intention to fill the market that Flappy Bird left. Aztechfilms and the man behind PainBook and Round2it, Mark Van Der Spuy, has developed a new app by the name of Flappy Chappy.

'People are using their phones for everything now,' says creator Van Der Spuy. 'The rise in popularity of game apps on phones is something that developers can’t ignore. People loved Flappy Bird and hated it in equal measure. The game being taken down has left people wanting something similar, so I wanted to fill the gap with Flappy Chappy.'

Flappy Chappy is a single finger gameplay app for iPhone, iPad and other Apple app users.The game focuses on the user having to navigate a fast moving plane; that automatically flies, through a level of rising balloons. In a similar vein to Flappy Bird, if you hit the balloons or the ground then that’s it, game over. Much like Flappy Bird, though simple in design, the game is much harder than it looks and sounds

Each level of Flappy Chappy that you reach gets progressively harder and the game has been described as 'insanely addictive' and has a soundtrack that contains pulsing techno beats to increase not only tension but your motivation whilst you play. Flappy Chappy can connect to Facebook to share your scores and challenge your friends to beat your high score.

iOS users will be able to download Flappy Chappy for free from the iTunes and Apple stores. Flappy Chappy will be available through iTunes_FLAPPYCHAPPY and the Apple app store for free.

For more information on Aztech Films please visit

Let me know what you think of Flappy Chappy!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Brian Timoney's 3 Day Acting Bootcamp

It's a path less travelled for many. Imagine being welcomed whole heartedly to express your anger, your
fears and your happiness about the life you have lived so far. We're so conditioned by society to keep these emotions to ourselves and even when someone has a meltdown we're unable to console them convincingly. We were told to throw that out of the window on Brian Timoney's 3 Day Acting Boot-Camp. Spanning Valentine's Day weekend, I was relieved at the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I wanted to do ever since I was a little girl. To be honest it beat the idea of stalking out happy couples on social media trying (and winning) to depict their lives as a Disney fairytale. I was finally with people who were on the same wavelength as me.

I was so involved in the weekend, I didn't have a chance
to take many photos! 
The course was held at London's 3 Mills Studios and we were given a crash course in 'method acting' which is based off Konstantin Stanislavsky's 'The System' which was developed into 'The Method' by Lee Strasberg. Technically, over 80% of 'Best Actor' Academy Awards have been won by Method Actors over the past decade. Essentially speaking, it's defined as A REALITY OF TRUTH BROUGHT INTO A PERFORMANCE, BRIAN! Immediately I was placed out of my comfort zone. There was a dance-off. Let me repeat. There was a dance-off. In front of everyone. The one thing I hoped he wouldn't make us do. But guess what? I did it. I ended up doing some weird ballroom/salsa combination with an Italian guy from the opposite team...but hours of gratification outweighed those five second of insecurity. Massive deal. I also had to lay on the floor and 'touch myself'- really connect with my body. And no I didn't take it literally. Did I want to? Well when you lose all inhibitions, you'd want to. We also closed our eyes and we were placed in front of someone of the opposite sex who we had to touch. Me and my unknown partner went for it, pulling back into a friendly hug when we opened our eyes- 'I'm sorry,I'm married,' he whispered. 

The second day, we worked on a scene with a partner. I was partnered with a handsome model by the name of Roger Frampton who taught me the importance of feeling important and smacked me with the realisation of not judging a book by its cover. His charisma ensured a thankful rapport between the both of us and we jumped into doing our scene from a play called 'The Bachelor'. His character Charlie was annoyed that my character, Helen was pregnant and he couldn't look past the financial difficulties that would ensue in the future and his desire to travel to Niagara Falls. We recited the lines many ways- how we would naturally do it, placing our hands on each others hearts (oh not too low!), physically fighting each other (I wacked my own nose by accident) and with our backs to each other (you definitely need emotions staring back at you to react off!) 

The next day, we performed the scene in front of Brian himself. Once we had done so, Brian used analytical factors and emotions in the scene and back-story and took it into a completely different route. Whereas we had practised the scene sitting down and a little bit annoyed with each other, we were told to forget the lines and improvise. It was more about the feeling. Only 7% of communication is verbal, 93% is how you do it. I was told specifically to think about a time when someone left me and I didn't want them to. Immediately, the feeling had changed and we re-did the scene, but this time we were storming around the room, grabbing, pushing and cursing at each other. I actually wanted to cry. It was difficult but I persevered. That just validated the fact that there's at least 50 different ways to create a scene.

Oh and we also transformed into the animal kingdom, portraying the characteristics of a wild animal. I was a lion, out looking for my prey. I also gave someone a lap-dance. An invigorating experience. The next morning, I was back at my office desk. I wanted to roll around on the floor and jump out in-front of the woman who's mean to me for no reason. But I need a job right now. Hopefully soon it'll be one I'll love waking up to!

To get a better sense of 'method acting', check out some incredible acting advice from Robert De Niro


Friday, 14 February 2014

Single Celebrities for Valentine's Day

We all vary with our thoughts when it comes to Valentine's Day. There are those couples who PDA throughout the year and still have it within themselves to go further on the 14th of Feb. Then there are other couples who are too cool and nonchalant about the day, settling in for the usual takeaway. There are of-course the bitter singles who are ready to unleash their well-rehearsed lectures on 'commercialism' as soon as they're faced with Valentine's Day questions. And lastly, there are those singleton's who couldn't care less about what people think about the chocolate and flowers they bought for themselves. No matter how you view Valentine's Day, it's about spending time with someone you're totally into- But if you have no one, I've got you covered. The following are just a few celebrities who are single and (hopefully) ready to mingle on Valentines Day!

Who would be your ideal Valentine's Day date?


Thursday, 13 February 2014

California's Booming Fashion Business

Tommy Hilfiger regularly champions the California trend
With its endless history of timeless icons and the present day rivalry of award season couture, it's hard to believe that the state of California still has to defend its position as a global fashion leader. That however is changing as Tommy Hilfiger ignited the new season trend with his Spring 2014 collection last year emphasizing a preppy beach feel. The behind the scenes show from Kenzo's S/S 14 collection featured postcards from California. Even LA hometown favourites 'Band of Outsiders' paid tribute to the state with a runway that featured a life-sized Hollywood sign. Over the years other designers have also dabbled in this trend- Rodarte presented a successful Death Valley- driven range back in 2010 and just last year Hedi Slimane produced a 'Californian Grunge' collection for Saint Laurent.

The cool Haim sisters are style icons in their own right!
With the stylish likes of the kooky Haim sisters, the new breed of Kardashian- the Jenner girls and the ever cool Kate Bosworth, the light has dimmed on the elite fashion views of New York, London, Milan and Paris. We can only bow down to the airy feel that coins the term 'California Dreaming'- Alongside the constant Vitamin D supply, it offers a back to nature kind of feel that injects a breath of fresh air amongst fashion. The progressively mobile feel associated with the 'City of Angels' not just pays homage to its beach houses, crashing waves and surfing until sunset culture, but to a state laden in history. It all began during the Great Depression and World War II, when women would hang out after work to escape the dire economy. These times of 'women coming together' became a breeding ground in wishful imagery portrayed by on-screen icons such as Mae West and Greta Garbo. Vogue took wind and began working with the Californian fashion scene, alongside heavy-weight fashion destination, Paris. Even then there was an underlying foundation to Californian fashion that secretly impressed the industry insiders. 'Paris was working on a seasonal time scale, Hollywood was years in advance', Linda Watson revealed in her 2008 book, 'Vogue Fashion'.

Movie siren Katherine Hepburn in her
The youthfulness of women's fashion in California became a symbol of American pride. Garments consisted of fabrics such as unbleached muslin and 'play clothes' were eventually created in the 1930's which allowed women to engage in an exertive lifestyle. They were cheap and durable, withstanding the rigours of activity. Fashion evolved hand in hand with lifestyle factors taken into account. Even when society began to change, smart pants most commonly known as 'slacks' emerged in the late 1930's. Women wearing trousers was still an unpopular viewpoint in other states, as Californians headed to the workplace with a new sense of confidence. Women were seen as functional, dipping their feet in gender equality. A metaphorical confidence slam-dunked by, none other than, an advancement in Californian fashion.

The present day scene is one of creativity. Without scaring those unfamiliar with fashionable expression, neighbourhoods have branched out into their own subcultures of cool with San Francisco becoming the home to affordable re-usable fashion. Quirky boutiques line the city's shopping district and options take a page from SF's unpredictable weather which enforces layers.

Time to move!
As worldwide fashion magazines heighten in readership moulding the looks of many, Los Angeleans on the other hand are gifted with intuition. However, by no means do they not care about style- outfits are usually planned and often incredibly expensive, yet you wouldn't be able to tell. Only once you're running around with the it-crowd, you can add sass to your collection to stand-out from the trailblazers. But for everyday born and bred Californians, there's a mellow aesthetic that has always lingered and proudly so. With an array of wholesome American staples and emerging Californian designing talent, California Dreaming is set to be revolutionized in a whole new way.

Inevitably, there's a comfort within Californians that allows them to express themselves freely. Los Angeles is the showbiz capital of the world with millions flocking there each year to pursue a dream. To say Californians don't care about the way they look is a misunderstanding. California is built on presentation. I guess Katy Perry had a point when she belted out California Girls were 'fine, fresh, and fierce’. 

To buy your best Californian look visit


Monday, 10 February 2014

Rachel Frederickson's Biggest Loser Season 15 Winner Controversy

I first heard about Rachel Frederickson's controversial win on The Biggest Loser on numerous websites before actually watching the finale myself. There were bucket loads of complaints on social media sites that the winner Rachel had become too thin, that she was unhealthy, that she had taken it too far. I've been an avid supporter of the show and my heart melts at their transformations in the latter part of the series. Recently, I've been so busy that I fell behind with this season, but due to the recent controversy I had a rapid catch-up session to see what the fuss was about.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sony Xperia Access x Columbia Records - Georga Ezra, Chloe Howl & Raleigh Ritchie

Earlier this week I had the incredible opportunity to check out three rising stars- George Ezra, Chloe Howl and Raleigh Ritchie who've been snapped up by Columbia Records. The event courtesy of Sony Xperia Access was held at London's Hospital Club, which focused on the intimate gathering of artsy lyrically induced individuals brought together for their love of fresh emerging talent. I attended the event with Live Like A VIP's Zoe Griffin and together we began to unwind with some drinks, mingled with like minded people and sneakily edged our way right to the front, just in time for George Ezra to play his set.

George Ezra is a talented singer/songwriter who placed an impressive fifth in BBC's Sound of Music 2014 list. His performances breeded mystery and self-indulgence of the most impressive kind, whilst in between his face transformed into abundant handsome smiles, relaying charismatic anecdotes of his trip around Europe which spawned his quirky single 'Budapest'. He even asked if it was okay to jump into his hotel's swimming pool in his boxers. Erm hell yes! Zoe and I also managed to find a personal favourite of his, swaying to 'Cassy 0', wishing we could be whoever this girl was. Why was Cassy O even leaving him?!

Chloe Howl on the other hand took it to an energetic level, hitting the nail on the head with many of her lyrics, despite proclaiming she wasn't feeling too well. Her song 'Rumours' felt as if she had a sit down with me to find out what I was about and crammed it into this gem of a song. This Brits Critic Choice nominee exuded vibrancy as she shimmied up and down the stage and winked shamelessly into the audience, getting the crown going. She was just what I needed! Raleigh Ritchie on the other hand stood true to his dark soul in his hit single Bloodsport. His voice was authentically chilling. World class!

What do you think of George Ezra, Chloe Howl and Raleigh Ritchie?

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