Monday, 31 March 2014

27th annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards - Best Dressed

Oh how I would love to have attended the 27th annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this past weekend to bring out the inner child in me. I literally wouldn't mind to have been slimed just like Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson were. Who cares? We have the Oscars to look immaculate- but that doesn't mean that Hollywood's young, hot and talented didn't bring out their fun and vivacious a-game in terms of fashion. Lea Michele for me was hands-down the 'best dressed' of the night in Elie Saab. She looked feminine, flirty and whimsical and obviously partakes well in matching the right fashion to the right event. Plus, she even managed to nab the best photo-opp of the night! Ariana Grande decked out her petite frame in a bright yellow dress by Aiisha Ramadan whilst Peta Murgatroyd took an applaud worthy edgy risk in Self Portrait.

Let's talk beauty of the night. Lea Michele makes another deserving appearance with her fun and flirtatious make-up and hair. Pia Mia Perez rocked the quirky look well whilst Zendaya Coleman looked sleek and elegant.

Some other fashion which I think deserves a shout-out begins with Pharrell, who of course rocks the famous Vivienne Westwood hat. I love the colourful energy Drake Bell has put into his outfit and some may not agree but I adore the care-free nonchalant attire worn by Dylan Gelula. Breathe of fresh air!

Congratulations to all the winners


Friday, 28 March 2014

My Fury At Michigan Not Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

I'm infuriated by the recent news that Michigan will not allow same-sex marriage. Why? Due to a set of personal beliefs by Rick Snyder which for him outweighed the desires of thousands of people in his home state. This shocked me as a Muslim woman who's been born and raised in the UK. I guess it was ignorance on my side that I felt the West was getting their act together. The East would inevitably learn, I thought. Just last year, I felt the need to stand up for Rehana Kausar and Sobia Komal- two Pakistani women who tied the knot in the UK. It was devastating to see a slew of evil comments by people of their same faith using such derogatory terms to comment about the way they wanted to proceed with their lives. Didn't it counteract the underlying foundation of peace and unity in terms of religion anyways?

Letting people of the same sex get married is a mammoth issue for some people who in return need to be reminded that legalising same-sex marriage can only work in society's favour. Think about the racial integration back in 60's America. Did it have an effect on White communities? No. In the same respect gay marriage will have no negative effect on the heterosexual community. There will only be an abundance of happiness. A separation of the State and Church should be made distinct. Religious matters should not be entwined with federal and legal matters. Religion should not define a country's legal system.

It should also be noted that entering into a civil union partnership is not the same thing as marriage as the same financial, social and medical rights aren't applied. Imagine if they were allowed to marry, more children would have the chance to be adopted. Adoption agencies already discriminate against gay couples, yet if allowed to marry they would be given the same rights as a heterosexual couple to adopt. These children will finally have the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment, regardless of their new parents sexual orientation. This also leads on to youth suicide that could be vastly reduced. Imagine being gay and not being able to confide in anyone or worse get bullied for your sexual preference.

If you don't agree with me then ask yourself realistically why you don't and if it's selfish. I've asked myself why I have this viewpoint and in this case I consider myself one of the lucky ones.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Best Concealers for South Asian Skin

At school I was called 'panda eyes'- not fun, especially as I wasn't allowed to wear make-up. With my relatively fair Pakistani skin, my deep grey circles were even more prevalent. I would scour the internet with potential make-up concealers that I could get my hands on when I had the chance. Instantly I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of mini tubes claiming to eradicate dark circles and in return offer you a sought after sense of confidence. Fast forward a couple of years and I've finally settled on the MAC Pro Longwear and Mac Studio Finish concealers which I use together and/or alone. They are my heroes and fiercely protect me from potential 'you look tired' remarks. However. this was after years of trying, testing and freaking out over Facebook pictures of me where my under eyes made me look like I belonged to a different species. The colour wheel for this particular make-up product was used in excess on my poor face. The route to finding a perfect concealer was tough and many times I purchased products based on a simple suggestion of a friend who I thought had a similar skin type as me. I can't stress enough, what is right for one person may not be right for another.

The Best Concealers for South Asian Skin
I swear by MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and MAC Studio Finish
I'm not saying to rush out immediately and try the MAC products I use but what I can offer is some advice- try an orange or yellow based corrector before applying concealer as it neutralizes the skin colour. Whatever you do, DO NOT use a fairness cream- instead use eye cream to keep the area soft and supple. Also make sure to pat the product in, do not rub! Other products you may like to try are the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Time Balm and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, which are the tried and tested favourites of many. Concealer is a perfect make-up investment. Trust me, there's a perfect concealer out there for you and whilst no product will cover those pesky dark circles 100%, you'll realise how much better you look compared to than before. Find your perfect concealer at Feel Unique.

The Best Concealers for South Asian Skin
Other concealers by Bobbi Brown, The Balm and Laura Mercier



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Best Male and Female Modelling Newcomers in 2014

The modelling industry is laden with fresh faces desperate to make a name for themselves, whilst others are plucked out of obscurity and thrust onto the catwalks of New York, Paris and Milan. With the British fashion industry being worth £21billion per year alone, work never dries up for the genetically gifted. To carve out a special niche which develops into a great relationship with high profile designers for years to come, models need an extra something special. A couple months into the year, certain faces are emerging as the future of fashion, synonymous with numerous fashion editorials and signature struts down the catwalk. Now if fashion isn't your forte, fear not- let me introduce a handful of my picks for the best faces of 2014 including the agency they're signed to and the work they already have under their belt.

Alexander Van Ballaer*Select Model Management*MSGM, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani
Sam Rollinson*Select Model Management*Derek Lam, Rodarte, Derek Lam

Claes Nordstrom*Supa Model Management* Calvin Klein, Jonathan Saunders, Carven
Lena Hardt*Viva London*Dazed and Confused,Versace, Erdem

Andy Walters*Why Not Models*Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino
Riley Montana*New York Model Management*Oscar De La Renta, Bottega Veneta, Erdem

Who's your model of the moment?


Monday, 24 March 2014

Bebe Rexha's New Single - I Can't Stop Drinking About You

I have always championed the talented and beautiful singer Bebe Rexha and her new single 'I Can't Stop Drinking About You' doesn't disappoint! Her feminine *dressed in black* angst lurks in the soul of every woman transitioning through certain life events. She has the innate ability to relate to every woman who's been troubled within the war zone of needy romantic wants and woes which lets us drown our sorrows in this single.  And the best thing about this electro-pop track which has been produced by The Monsters & Strangerz who have crafted songs for the likes of Selena Gomez and Kylie Mingoue? Well, she only speaks from experience! It was when a break-up went bad after a guy she was seeing decided he still loved his ex. It was only when she went to the bar to take her mind off things when he kept calling her. She picked up her phone and what was her comeback? 'Leave me alone, because I'm too busy drinking about you'. Brilliant.

Bebe has already made a significant impact in the music industry, most noticeably penning Rihanna and Eminem's smash hit single 'Monster' and being featured on Cash Cash's 'Take Me Home'. David Guetta is said to be involved with Bebe's first studio album with Warner Bros, which she is currently working on. No matter what, Bebe states she wants people to feel like they're not alone in whatever they're going through when they listen to her music.

For more Bebe Rexha visit her on SoundCloud, YouTube or her personal website


Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection event was in full swing when I arrived yesterday. Magnetic forces immediately led me to the rails of new season clothing from Very's Love Label and Definitions. Bold colours and pretty pastels were all the rage with stunning playsuits, edgy shorts and flowy tops reminiscent of Summer leading the pack. My personal love for edge had me transfixed on a lovely grey/black baseball bomber jacket by Definitions which I had the opportunity to leave with at the end of the night- perfect for the upcoming bipolar weather! I also managed to have a fashionable chat with Vanessa White from The Saturdays who looked stunning in Very herself! She stated that even though she was a fan of form fitting clothes she also loved a flowy top that she could cinch in with a killer belt. She made it a point to state that even though The Saturdays work with a stylist, individually they all have their different fashionable personas. Oh and it has to be noted, she was making me super jealous talking about her next trip to LA! She wasn't the only one though- I had a handful of other people who started talking about working in LA- a sign perhaps?
Other than the fashion, MAC make-up artists where on hand (to touch up my lipstick on numerous occasions- darn you food!) along with the ladies from Nail Inc. The lovely Darren Webster (Webster Whiteman) from team Babyliss did an amazing job on my hair. Thank you!
On the whole, I had so much fun and have been plastered all over the Very website since! I caught up with a few familiar faces, made some new friends- oh and I had a blast with the photo-booth. The props were quite literally everything!

For more information visit Very


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Soundplate's Opening Party at Pacha

Leading electronic music brand Soundplate are gearing up to celebrate their opening party of 2014 in style on April 11th. Pacha Nightclub in London has been confirmed as the lucky venue with the headline act being Berlin based KlangKuenstler. He will be celebrating his new track 'Hand in Hand' which is set to be released the same day on Soundplate Records. Read his interview ahead of his performance right here.

Joining him will be other top DJ talent including Mark Wells, Jaquo George, Sui Generes, Freight Train and Glacier. Sam The Drum will add a special touch throughout the night with live percussion. An event not to be missed- get your tickets now!

Full line up includes:

Room 1: New Global Room 
(Soundplate / Stil Vor Talent / Zuckerton)

Mark Wells
(Soundplate / FFRR / Purp & Soul)
(Soundplate Records / PTS)

(Soundplate Resident)

Room 2: Glass Room 
(HK / Mansion Music / Soundplate)

Freight Train
(Orange Groove / Product London / Audio Rehab)
+ LIVE Percussion from SAM THE DRUM
Merchandise Giveaways & More!

Event Info:
Date: 11/04/14
Venue: Pacha, London
Times: 11pm - 6am
Merchandise Giveaways & More!

£12.00 - Very limited early birds

£15.00 - Advanced Tickets
All tickets & info available from: and Facebook

VIP / Table Bookings: 
To book a luxurious VIP table at Pacha for this special event please call:
0845 371 4489 ext 5 or email


Monday, 17 March 2014

Interview with Pirates Of The Carribean & The Dark Knight Star- Winston Ellis

'I had no idea what I was getting into whilst becoming an actor as it's an industry of feast or famine'- Winston Ellis
Everybody wants to be around Winston Ellis. He's warm, he's friendly and he's conversational. I found that out the hard way when I barely had the opportunity to speak to him at the N1 Angel clothing event the other week. However, catching up with him a couple days later made the wait worthwhile. He's an intriguing man with a story to tell. See for him, growing up in a tough neighbourhood he had a choice to make. It was either prison or martial arts. Thankfully he decided to pursue the latter, which gave him enough discipline and direction to become a three time Thai Boxing World Champion. That feat in itself was amazing. However it wasn't enough, for he was soon to discover his real calling which came as a matter of fact- being in the right place at the right time. It happened on a beach in Cyprus where he was relaxing and pondering over the next stage in his life, when he decided to engage in some martial arts moves. All of a sudden, a Chinese man came over to him and said his boss wanted to meet him. Turns out that man worked for Jackie Chan's company and they were location shooting in Cyprus. Immediately Winston was asked to fly out to Hong Kong to film his first movie and ended up staying there for 10 years. Winston speaks highly of his time in the far East-'I've been very lucky with my career being able to work in Hong Kong on a number of films. It allowed me to build a good foundation and understanding in the industry before returning to the UK.'

During his time there he worked with people such as Jean-Claude Van Damme and had the opportunity to act upon guidance by director Peter MacDonald (Rambo films) who encouraged him to take acting seriously in the UK. On arrival, Winston instantly found an agent and his career sky-rocketed with his highlights including the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and The Dark Knight. Speaking about the Pirates of the Caribbean job in particular, Winston recalls, 'I was filming a crunchy nut cornflakes ad in South Africa when my agent called and told me about the casting in the UK on my return. I went along with a really bad cold. I had to repeat one line and I think my rough voice got me the part'.

It's often these unpredictable circumstances in the acting industry that throws off many people trying to make it big. 'I had no idea what I was getting into becoming an actor as it's an industry of feast or famine', Winston states yet he understands the importance of making it out in Hollywood. 'There's a great deal more of film and television being produced in the States on a yearly basis than in the UK'. That is most definitely true. So what would be a dream role for someone who claims he's never taken an acting class in his life? 'I would like to take on a role that would really challenge me as an actor, something that I would have to dig deep to film'. That is easier said than does, yet Winston understands the right technique for this prospective acting role- 'I draw on life experiences before taking on any roles. I love taking on new characters and really challenging myself'.

As for someone who he would love to work with? Denzel Washington of course! As an actor, nabbing some advice from Denzel would be invaluable but Winston is in a comfy position to be dishing out advice to up and coming talent himself. 'To be an actor you have to be truly dedicated. It's very hard to stick with it when you go to hundreds of castings and you only get a small percentage of success'.

On the whole, keeping himself busy is a priority. 'I do a great deal of mentoring work in schools up and down the country and I'm involved with a number of charities. Project Postcode, Arthur Wharton Foundation, Sports Connections Foundation and Prostate Cancer UK as my dear friend Luther Blissett is one of their Ambassadors.' He's also set up Bredrin Films which provides youth training for new talent to shine and have the same opportunities that he did. In terms of acting, he is currently working on 'Penny Dreadful' alongside Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green. Impressive.

For more information visit Winston Ellis 


Friday, 14 March 2014

Tresor Paris Watch Launch in London

Last night was the Tresor Paris Watch Launch at the Jack Barclay Bentley garage! Walking in I immediately saw my good friend Harriadnie Beau looking stunning and modelling the glamorous new watch collection along with the stunning Kiren Modi. Me and Zoe from LLAVIP schmoozed with Leo Ihenacho (The Voice), Ben Ofoedu (singer/songwriter and Vanessa Feltz's other half), Adam Ryan, Boyzone stars Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy along with Professor Green. There was also further conversation and fun with Daily Mail's Laura Cox and showbiz photography extraordinaire Joe Alvarez. Brilliant night! The Swiss made 'Nouveau Hexagone' watches themselves come in a variety of designs bedazzled in 18 carat, white and yellow gold plating. Definitely something to splurge on! Enjoy the pictures and see everyone soon! For further information on the new watch collection visit Tresor Paris.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Interview with Blogger & Stylist- Sophie Hannah Richardson

  I like to make my own  decisions and not be restricted to one icon- Sophie Hannah Richardson
I'm pretty sure it was Sophie Hannah Richardson who beat me to that internship position at Elle last year. In fact it was Elle who contacted this super talented stylist themselves for the position, where she immersed herself in the daily duties of organising the fashion cupboard, dealing with PR companies and sorting out returns. Bearing witness to her incredible expression of personal style it's no surprise the career she's already managed to carve out for herself in the fashion industry. Sharing a penchant for bold lipstick like myself, she describes her signature look as 'edgy and over accessorised', and states an early love for fashion. Studying Fashion with Photography at university, she decided to hone in on her styling skills since graduating. 'Fashion has taken over my life. I love shopping, putting together quirky outfits and finding that unique garment or accessory'.

So far she has racked up an impressive CV as a stylist working on many test shoots and collaborating with many up and coming photographers, MUA's and models. Her first ever freelance job was working on the Christmas Facebook campaign video for American Express with comedian Ronni Ancona. Her work as a stylist has also hit magazine editorials such as Spindle Magazine and Disorder Magazine. 'One thing I had always dreamed of was styling a music video and it was fantastic that I was given an opportunity so early on in freelancing', she mentioned highlighting her work with artist Flossy LB.

Going back to her time interning, the fashion industry can be brutal in that arena- Churning out fresh eager interns on a split-second basis and dispensing over-worked ones on the click of a finger. I know this one too well yet I understand that magnitude of an internship utilized well. Sophie too is quick to defend the rap internships have- 'You'll do well in fashion if you have a good number of contacts in various places. You need to intern at places with are relevant to your passion. One of my internships was an intense 3 months which gave me a great insight to fashion styling and gave me the confidence to start freelancing.'

Sophie describes her style as 'edgy and over accessorised'
She backs up interning with the 21st Century uber-craze of blogging. 'I think blogging as a stylist really shows off your interests, passion and style. I think it's a great output to showcase my shoots and how I source my inspiration. It's also helpful to look back on.' The success of blogging is also stemmed by the monumental outreach of social media. Richardson addresses this aid, 'I think it's important to have a big social media following behind you. It gets you noticed for who you are. Everything is becoming on-line and fashion brands/designers continuously keep expanding their on-line presence. It's become a part of ones every day life in contemporary society.'

Getting to the real nitty and gritty; fashion itself! Sophie respectfully dismisses the idea of a fashion icon. 'I like to make own decisions and not be restricted by one icon'. She isn't however afraid to champion designer Jeremy Scott from Moschino who sits well with her in the 'quirk' department and cites Miley Cyrus as someone who would be fun to style. The trends that she's favouriting this season are mesh, generously combined with the 90's. As for her best purchase you may ask? A lime green roll neck top from Topshop. 'It goes with everything and gives my outfits that added splash of colour'. As she cites her inspiration as 'anything and everything' she also wishes crocs would disappear- 'they are horrible and no where near stylish!' Preach.

On the whole, we do have to agree that style is a personal thing. So what about those women who feel under-represented by imagery in popular media of the supposed ideal? 'In the media being a size 10 or above is basically frowned upon. I think anyone can be fashionable and stylish. Fashion should be for everyone. Look at Evans they create fashionable clothing for plus-sized women but they think about their body shape and design garments accordingly'.

Her views on fashion in general and her remarkable work history so early on in her career can only guarantee her long-term success. Sophie hopes to continue freelancing and get involved with a fashion brand, expanding their on-line presence through creativity, photography and styling. 'But who knows that the future will hold', she finishes. That is true, predictability is wholly uncertain yet talent speaks for itself.

Her styling credentials include Spindle Magazine, Mist Magazine, Disorder Magazine and various test shoots.
To see more of Sophie's portfolio click here
Catch Sophie on Twitter at


Monday, 10 March 2014

The Craze of Brightly Coloured Hair

Rainbow hair is all the rage right now. Along with the success of the uber cool Bleach London salon on the achingly hip Kingsland Road, young influences in the public eye are also garnering major hair envy from bold creatives, waiting to unleash their inner expression. What once started out as trial and error experimentation is now cemented with an enviable solid attitude. 'Supermodels' are usually coined by an extra something special about them- something that makes them stand out in an industry which churns out plenty of beautiful women. Hair is fast becoming that 'extra' something special. Rising model Ireland Baldwin admits no fear in experimenting with her new lavender hue, whilst striking beauties Chloe Norgaard and Charlotte Free have built a boastful career and brand with their edgy bright manes.

Singers also don't find it enough to express their creativity solely through their work. They need to look the part. Azealia Banks, Perrie Edwards and Kesha are just a few of many who aren't afraid to mix up their hair on a constant basis and add a different dimension to their musically gifted 'alter-egos'.

Even actresses and television personalities are in on the act. Nicole Richie stunned with a lavender-enduced Instagram shot which instantly updated her look. Kate Bosworth has been known to rock her green tips which coupled with her extraordinary fashion sense gives her life outside of her characters. Dianna Agron on the other hand wasn't afraid to embrace her inner punk as she went red for a movie role. It's important to also keep you hair look healthy. Visit HQ Hair for your one stop hair needs.

This trend is all about being daring, bold and confident and most importantly, living in the moment. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

N1 Angel London Launch in Shoreditch

So I'm chuffed to have been a small helping hand on the night of the N1 Angel London launch and Tribal Media's first birthday at The Great Eastern Bear Gallery. As soon as the doors opened, the night instantly transformed into the coolest London hub- full of bloggers, models, Pirates of the Caribbean star Winston Ellis, legendary Olympian Lenny Paul and footballer Fabian Wilnis- all clad in N1 Angel clothing of-course! They provided brilliant conversation and some lovely selfie snaps!

The entertainment of the night was by Soho Hobo, Jessie Wallace and DJ Tom. The spectacular artwork which lined the walls were by Charron Pugsley-Hill and Rich Hendry. The enviable goody bags were filled to the brim by Nubar Nails products and Bee's Bakery desserts!

Importantly, inspiring creative positive influences for young offenders was one of the main messages behind N1 Angel which was addressed by Ruth Adams. The brand itself is named after Angel, London where head designer Terrence Adams was born and raised. His early love for bespoke suits inspired the historical references in the collection, which have been interpreted into the present day arena of sophisticated cool. Menswear at its finest. For further information be sure to check out N1 Angel.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bourjois Paris at W Hotel London

So me and Zoe Griffin from Live Like A VIP were invited to the new product launch from Bourjois Paris at W Hotel. Being an absolute make-up fanatic who perfected my make-up look after years of voluntary trial and error, I was thrilled to learn about the latest Bourjois products before they hit the shelves and keep them! I am known for being a bold lip-stick connoisseur and the 8 new shades of Rouge Edition Velvet didn't disappoint. The intense colours blend in for a matte finish and result in a crucial 24 hour hold (I put this to the test by partaking in the food area for a large portion of the night)- Trust me, this lipstick stays! Today I applied the 'hot pepper' lipstick on the train and wasn't ashamed to do so! I'm also obsessed over the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, which boasts a spherical bristle brush that adds instant volume for the false lash effect. I love my new goodies!

Bourjois Paris at W Hotel London

The lipsticks will be available in April whilst the mascaras will be available in May! For more beauty looks visit Look Fantastic

Bourjois Paris at W Hotel London

Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscars 2014 Best Dressed

So the Oscars have already come and gone. Can't quite believe it! I have to start off by saying a hearty congratulations to Cate Blanchett and Matthew McConaughey for winning their respective Best Actress and Best Actor awards. The rest of the night was a whirlwind of triumphs for Gravity with seven wins and an emotional speech by Lupita Nyong'o for her Best Actress accolade which you can view right here. Some disappointments came in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio losing out on another Oscar for his incredible and dedicated performance in Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle not winning a single one of its 10 nominations. Plus who can forget the epic Jennifer Lawrence trip on the red carpet?! Again! Although she still managed to look amazing. Moving on let's have a quick look at the best dressed this year. Lupita was the queen of the ball in her Nairobi-blue princess Prada gown, complete with a headband and red lips. Jennifer Lawrence looks poised (before and after fall) in her red hot gown by of course, Dior. Kate Hudson went edgy with her nude structural dress by Versace.
Oscars 2014 Best Dressed
On the hair and make-up front, there were many stand-outs, with the following at the forefront. Kerry Washington kept her fashion simple using her baby bump as the main accessory, which was complimented by her gorgeous dark plum lips and cascading hair. Margot Robbie beared an uncanny resemblance to Aishwarya Rai with her newly dyed dark locks whilst Lady Gaga went surprisingly and (refreshingly) simple with her hair and make-up look. Job well done ladies!
Oscars 2014 Best Dressed

To create these star-worthy looks head over to Nordstrom. Options galore!
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