Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Most Extreme Movie Role Transformations

'You should be able to tell her story as a human being with all her flaws.'- Charlize Theron 
So for me there's always something incredibly special about a major movie transformation. It shows the true understanding of what it takes to be an actor and the genuine need to indulge in the craft of major motion picture. It shows such a difference as to who's committed into taking their audience onto a emotional and physical ride with them, than just a half-hearted effort from a celeb who wants to act for just 'fame' sake. Some of these transformations take months of hard work and research to execute, which makes me applaud them further. Below, I have listed just a few of my favourite movie transformations and a lot of them are virtually unrecognizable. The more Method, the better in my opinion!

MONSTER (2003)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Bachelorette Review Ahead of the Final Rose

'When it comes to being some sort of an overnight role model, I am not out there preaching for girls to have sex in relationships just because I do. I am preaching to love and own who you are, admit to your mistakes, learn from them, and be happy'- Kaitlyn Bristowe

So I was going to do a review of this season's The Bachelorette after the final rose. However, living in the UK it's kind of impossible to watch the show live on the Monday night (Tuesday morning for me!). I then get so busy during the week that I don't get a chance to catch the show until the weekend. By then I've usually found out who's been eliminated and what drama's gone down via social media. Boo. So I thought, I'd write a post on my thoughts and opinions about this season before she hands out the final rose to either Nick or Shawn.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

MTV Video Music Awards 2015 Nominees: Full List

 'MTV won't let me perform. So I'm hosting this year's VMAs'- Miley Cyrus 

I LOVE the VMAs! It's such a celebration of what's hot right now and gives celebs the option to be free with their spirit and creativity. So who better to host that Miley Cyrus? I'm not actually that familiar with her hosting abilities so this should be fun to watch! The show that will air on Sunday 30th August already has some stars riled up with Nicki Minaj complaining about her lack of nominations this year and in return having jabs at Taylor Swift. Ina certain sense, I have to admit that I find it frustrating that Taylor Swift is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. She's so talented but talk about overkill! Nonetheless, there are some other familiar faces who deserve their nominations. You can check out the list below and get voting over here. 


Monday, 20 July 2015

Fashion's Newest Muse: Lily-Rose Depp

She's 16 years old and the offspring of one of the most famous movie stars in the world, Johnny Depp and French singer Vanessa Paradis. And let's face it, if people wanted to concoct what Lily-Rose Depp would look like 16 years ago- this is the outcome. Movie star good looks, with a certain European sensibility. Whilst there are celebrity kids left right and centre looking to break into the business, with seemingly little talent and bundles of confidence, I find Lily-Rose Depp a breath of fresh air. She has a heightened air of mystery and intrigue, which adds to the notion of wisdom beyond her years. And whilst she may be petite and fragile looking she is also every fashion designer's dream. If looks could kill! Many celebrity kids come and go, but I think Lily-Rose will shake of that label pretty soon. I see big things in her future. And as for the controversy surrounding her latest Chanel ad where she's accused of posing too provocatively, I think it's because her incredible sense of beauty at such a young age is hard for the audience to understand and easy for them to misinterpret. I view the term 'provocative' in a different manner- And Lily-Rose is by no means conveying the idea of being provocative.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Emmy Awards 2015: Full List of Nominees

'Speak of the devil, and she shall appear.'- Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)

The nominees for the 2015 Emmy Awards were announced and below I have the full list for you. Congratulations to the individuals and shows being considered for this prestigious award- no easy feat! Andy Samberg will host the Emmys on September 20th from the Microsoft Centre in downtown Los Angeles. 

“Better Call Saul”
“Downton Abbey”
“Game of Thrones”
“House of Cards”
“Mad Men”
“Orange is the New Black”

Caitlyn Jenner's Full Acceptance Speech at the ESPYs

'You know, it is an honor to have the word courage associated with my life. But tonight another word comes to mind, and that is fortunate.'- Caitlyn Jenner 

Caitlyn Jenner on accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs 2015

“Thank you so much. It is so wonderful to be here tonight. Now the last few months have been a whirlwind of so many different experiences and emotions. But to tell you the truth, it seems like every time I turn around in life, I’m putting myself in these high-pressured situations. Competing in the Games, raising a family. But I’ve never felt more pressured than I ever have in my life, than over the last couple of months. Picking out this outfit — O.K, girls, I get it! You’ve got to get the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the whole process — it was exhausting. And next, the fashion police — please be kind on me, I’m new at this.

Anyway, I just want to say a quick shout out to our soccer team. Ladies, you clean up very well.

But the real truth is, before a few months ago I had never met anybody else who was trans, who was like me. I had never met a trans person, never. Now, as you just saw, I dealt with my situation on my own in private and that turned this journey into an already incredible education.

It’s been eye-opening, inspiring, but also frightening. All across this country, right now, all across the world, at this very moment, there are young people coming to terms with being transgender. They’re learning that they are different and they are trying to figure out how to handle that, on top of every other problem that a teenager has.

They’re getting bullied, they’re getting beaten up, they’re getting murdered and they’re committing suicide. The numbers that you just heard before are staggering, but they are the reality of what it is like to be trans today.

Just last month, the body of 17-year-old Mercedes Williamson, a transgender young woman of color, was found in a field in Mississippi stabbed to death. I also want to tell you about Sam Taub, a 15-year-old transgender young man from Bloomfield, Michigan. In early April, Sam took his own life. Now, Sam’s story haunts me in particular because his death came just a few days before ABC aired my interview with Diane Sawyer. Every time something like this happens, people wonder, ‘Could it have been different, if spotlighting this issue with more attention could have changed the way things happen?’ We’ll never know.

If there is one thing I do know about my life, it is the power of the spotlight. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but with attention comes responsibility. As a group, as athletes, how you conduct your lives, what you say, what you do, is absorbed and observed by millions of people, especially young people. I know I’m clear with my responsibility going forward, to tell my story the right way — for me, to keep learning, to do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how trans issues are viewed, how trans people are treated. And then more broadly to promote a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are. Accepting people’s differences.

My plea to you tonight is to join me in making this one of your issues as well. How do we start? We start with education. I was fortunate enough to meet Arthur Ashe a few times and I know how important education was to him. Learn as much as you can about another person to understand them better.

I know the people in this room have respect for hard work, for training, for going through something difficult to achieve the outcome that you desire. I trained hard, I competed hard, and for that, people respected me.

But this transition has been harder on me than anything I could imagine. And that’s the case for so many others besides me. For that reason alone, trans people deserve something vital. They deserve your respect. And from that respect comes a more compassionate community, a more empathetic society and a better world for all of us.

There have been so many who have traveled this road before me. From, in sports, RenĂ©e Richards to Chaz Bono, to Laverne Cox, and many others. Janet Mock is here tonight. And I want to thank them all publicly, as well as the ESPYs, and the late Arthur Ashe, for giving me this platform to start the next phase of my journey. I also want to acknowledge all the young trans athletes who are out there — given the chance to play sports as who they really are.

And now, as of this week, it appears that trans people will soon be serving in the military. That’s a great idea. We have come a long way. But we have a lot of work to do.

I’d like to thank, personally, my buddy Diane Sawyer. You know, you can only tell your story the first time once, and Diane you did it so authentically and so gracefully. And me and the community are so thankful for that. And I thank you so much Diane. I’m so proud to have you as a friend.

Here comes the tough part. I’d like to thank my family. The biggest fear in Caitlyn Jenner coming out was I never wanted to hurt anyone else, most of all my family and my kids. I always wanted my children to be so proud of their dad because of what he was able to accomplish in his life. You guys have given so much back to me, you’ve given me so much support. I’m so, so grateful to have all of you in my life. Thank you.

And certainly last, but not least, my mother. My mom who, just a little over a week ago, had to have surgery and I didn’t think she was going to make it, but she is here with me tonight to share this night. Now, you know I always thought that I got my courage and my determination from my dad, who landed on Omaha Beach and fought all the way through World War II. But you know what I’m realizing now, Mom, I think I got all those qualities from you. I love you very much. I’m so glad you’re here to share this with me.

You know, it is an honor to have the word courage associated with my life. But tonight another word comes to mind, and that is fortunate. I owe a lot to sports. It has shown me the world, it has given me an identity. If someone wanted to bully me, well, you know what? I was the MVP of the football team. That just wasn’t going to be a problem. And the same thing goes tonight. If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, because the reality is, I can take it. But for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it.

So for the people out there wondering what this is all about — whether it’s about courage or controversy or publicity — well, I’ll tell you what it’s all about. It’s about what happens from here. It’s not just about one person, it’s about thousands of people. It’s not just about me, it’s about all of us accepting one another. We are all different. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. And while it may not be easy to get past the things you always don’t understand, I want to prove that it is absolutely possible if we only do it together.

Thanks you so much for this platform. Thank you so much for this honor bestowed on myself and my family.”


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Miss.USA 2015 Winner in Light of Controversy

"We really need to work on being an accepting society and being a society where every single person, no matter your race, no matter your gender, is given the same rights and privileges and opportunities."- Olivia Jordan

It's a shame that the Miss.USA pageant was doused in controversy this year due to Donald Trump's insensitive and uneducated remarks about Mexicans. The pageant which has been operating annually since 1952, has always been a platform for young women to elevate themselves into a career with the hard earned skills they already possess. The pageant and all levels of pageantry in general have been faced with the constant criticism over the years of feminist rights and the supposed 'degradation' of women parading around in their swimsuits. However, the women who compete are more than that. This year alone there were lawyers, nurses, black belts, pilots and entrepreneurs- much more than a bikini eh? With such high career statuses and goals, it was a shame that NBC dropped the telecast after Donald Trump's comments. Slowly celebrity performers, hosts and sponsors dropped out from the show scared to be affiliated with such racist remarks. A light came and quickly went in the form of host Jeannie Mai who mentioned she would stay on to host for the inspirational women competing. Days later she caved to the negative criticism on social media and stepped down. It seemed as if the pageant was dwindling but alas Paula Shugart and the rest of the Miss.Universe Organisation stepped up, secured Reelz as a host and gave the girls the second best experience they could possibly give.

Of course, being dropped from NBC was the worst thing possible. Many of the contestants stated that their interest in becoming Miss.USA stemmed from watching the pageant as little girls and telling their mothers they wanted to be exactly like them. My short lived career competing at Miss.Universe Great Britain was inspired by watching Miss.Universe since the age of 12. And I have to say that rallying against pageants is one thing but competing is another. My favourite part was talking to the judges at interviews and telling them about my achievements thus far and my least favourite part was crying in the loo just before my swimsuit portion after being over-whelmed by my competition. But nonetheless it built character and taught you a lot about being around women who wanted you to succeed. 

Now that this last minute kerfuffle I can say congratulations to Olivia Jordan for winning this year. Whilst she may not have been my first choice (I was mesmerized by Texas) she has such a stand-out beauty and will obviously place at Universe. She's also an incredible women so there'll be someone in 15 years time competing at Miss.USA inspired by her.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

50 Facts About Me

"If women ran the world we wouldn't have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days."
Robin Williams

1. I'm 25 years old.
2. My favourite show is Criminal Minds.
3. Also a fan of Bates Motel, How to Get Away With Murder & OITNB.
4. I love wearing all black.
5. I love to write.
6. Growing up my nickname was Bean.
7. Hence when I first started my blog it was called 'Beans Blog'.
8. I am a first generation British Pakistani.
9. As well as English I also speak Urdu fluently.
10. But other than that I was terrible at languages at school. I had a go at French & German.
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