Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween Series: Dolls Kill Clothing

Inspired by the perpetual revenge of young girl fantasy, Dolls Kill is an active subversion of the fashion industries "norm"- Dolls Kill 

Dolls Kill. Ahh kinda like a community for those of us who like to step away from the norm. Those of us who take inspiration from the Tumblr social media age, the punks, the goths and plethora of underground cultures- Needless to say they have elements of clothing that would suit all of us. What I adore most about Dolls Kill is that they make on-line shopping an 'experience'. So much thought and creative direction has been put in behind the scenes which really puts them ahead of the pack in their field. Hosting a unique array of established and new brands, they have some beautiful dolls 'personalities' who parallel our inner display of expression. There's Kandi- the EDM Queen, Coco- the Barbie, Willow, the hometown hippie, Darby the band fiend and the one whose fashion I'll be featuring today- Mercy. My alter-ego. The darkness. The mystery. The beauty. Prepare to be hypnotized.
Dolls Kill

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween Series: Nikki Lipstick

'X-Files and Chill'- Nikki Lipstick
Someone who slays on the internet with her digital presence? Nikki Lipstick. This melting pot of Goth, Barbie & everything in between has utilized her on-line success to create an incredible clothing line. Say hello to a bold display of chokers, nipple pasties, cheeky tops and stunning models who emulate the brand to its most extreme. Nikki's creative niche is superbly crafted to delve into the desires of those woman who find it difficult to fit into 'normal' society. She champions the weird, the bold, the kooky, the creepy, the loud, the quiet. I mean just go and read a script of her thoughts on her Twitter. She nails it huh? Below, I've curated my favourite looks from her collection. But there's so many more, so go unleash your inner beauty (no matter how different) at Nikki Lipstick.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween Series: Goth Room Decor

 'There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.'-
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
My room is pink. Yes it is. If you know me, that may come as somewhat of a shock to you. But let me explain... I've been hiding in my current room since I was 11 years old. The colour scheme was picked out for me because *all girls like pink, right?* and my inadequate nature to get things done has let Barbie's playground stay. At 11 the room was just my foundation, but over the past couple of years I have added depth to that room. If you open up my pristine hand painted baby pink wardrobe, you'll be faced with a wardrobe full of black. If you skim the shelves of my book case you'll see it's loaded with psychological thrillers and real-life paranormal reads. If you nosey at my Google history it fills the air with a spouts of inky inspiration and late night murky television marathons. 


Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Series: Killstar Clothing

'Channelling emotional power and raw energy into every thread'- Killstar Clothing
As part of my first Halloween series, I have decided to feature three clothing companies over the following week that pay homage to us freaks- the ones who dress for the night, the ones who dress for the creeps and the ones who dress for the meaning that mere mortals wouldn't understand. The first in my series is Killstar Clothing which is a company that was established in 2010. Their products feature an array of cool sweatshirts, edgy beanies and fabulously curated leather jackets. No matter what angle your dark side stems from- the occult, witchcraft, astronomy, Satan, spirits, Killstar Clothing has you covered! What I really like about Killstar is the relevance of their clothing coupled with great prices, that let the niche truly indulge in fiery elements of their darkness. The authenticity of the designs make Killstar a cult classic! 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Top South Asian Youtubers

 'Girl, hold my bindi and pass me a slipper!'- Lilly Singh

Lilly's YouTube discovery resulted in one of those 'staying in-marathons'. I mean, I felt like I was a little late to the party so I had some catching up to eh? She is HILARIOUS. It's just the way she knows exactly what you're thinking, coupled with her genius comedic timing. Every single video about brown parents is so so true, I can't stress enough. For reals, us brown girls don't have a normal upbringing. It's incredible that her channel was actually born out of a way of self medication due to depression. What a way she's come with a recent sell-out world wide tour. Besties alert!
Lilly Singh IISuperomwomanII

Monday, 19 October 2015

Stylist Live: The Talks, The Brands & The Catwalk

'Overdeliver. If an editor asks for three ideas, give them six.' - Lisa Smosarski
Ah magazines. The glossy feel of a print copy holds a near and dear element of nostalgia which I don't want to give up. Especially in today's day of soaring digital publishing which I whole heartedly embrace and am honing my skills in, it's still incredible to see a publication that excels in both print and digital- And managed to pull off an insanely mesmerizing 4 day event of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and career which culminated last night. I attended Stylist Live on Friday and I chose that day in particular to hear Lisa Smorsarski, Editor-in-Chief of Stylist talk about her career as a magazine editor. There was also a talk by Stylist's Features Director Lucy Foster on formulating the perfect writers pitch for a magazine (and I sadly missed it as it was full by the time I arrived). However, I topped the day off with a brilliant talk by Maggie Hitchins, Editor-in-Chief of, who rendered some handy advice on the differences between writing for print and on-line platforms. I have to say I've been acquiring experience in both since I graduated university and I still managed to walk away with resourceful knowledge. It's so satisfying learning for people who are engaged in your dream job. I look forward to putting those tips and tricks to good use and hurtling full gear ahead in the career game. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Movies That Constructed My Love For Hollywood

 'Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today, it was still worth it'- Gia Carangi
There's such a domineering presence on the small screen currently that it feels like the magic of cinema is being somewhat lost in translation. Or maybe that's just me. Maybe my childhood was so exempt from social interaction that I found another realm that I could wake up to. Maybe my twenties have forced me to open up the blinds and glance out into the evolving definition of reality. But then last week an element of nostalgia hit me hard. It was after I settled down to watch 'Gia' for the first time, a 1998 biopic on the beautiful yet notoriously troubled 70's supermodel Gia Carangi whose persistent drug use resulted in a HIV induced death. Angelina Jolie played Gia. And I have to say- like most of the general population, I've enjoyed Angelina's work in recent years and during the noughties, not just because of her evident beauty but her knack for bringing a character to life. And guess what? I fell in love with her all over again after watching Gia. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Chokers- The Modern Day Guide

'Transcendence requires suffocation.'- Benson Bruno
As a generation fixated upon the boldest new trends, we rely on accessories to add an element of class and elegance to our visual personality. The accessory 'choker' is deemed a staple for those reluctant to get their head out of the 90's dream or a pre-teen girl sampling with her experimentational rights. However, there's something about a choker which for me personally adds an air of sensual womanly energy and if styled right, hits all the right present day style trends. The choker does however have a deep history far and wide with women from the French Revolution adorning the piece to a centuries old International presence in Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Native American cultures. 

In today's society, a choker is not an 'everyday' wardrobe item- the difference I get in a double look from others when I wear a choker to work or a simple gold chain necklace is monumental and also at some points, laughable. Why should I be given a look of distaste when I accessorize for comfort? Ofcourse, in certain work places there are dress codes and by all means please stick to it. But I work in the creative sector and if anyone comes into with work with, say blue hair- I'd welcome whatever makes them feel comfortable. And the same should go vice versa. Here, I've shown you just a few chokers from my collection and listed at the bottom are a few handy websites to live out that choker dream of yours. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Best Crazy Coloured Lipsticks- Green, Yellow & Silver!

Rihanna Green Lipstick
I am not a fan of colour. If anyone knows me they would know and even understand the fact that I like to swamp around in deep, dark colours- mostly signified in the social media culture as #allblackeverything. But excuse me, how awesome does Rihanna look wearing metallic green lips? There's an intrinsic sense of reckless abandonment, carefree solace and youthful enigma that parallels the grunge era of the 90s and the present day need to stay relevant as the next type of beauty over takes the race for creative attention. We are of-course a society that craves constant satisfaction in the way we look- and whether others stare at us for positive or negative attention, we still win. If I could wear these outlandish lip colours everyday (laziness is a key issue which results in the lack of a colour chart on my pout) than I most certainly would. Have a look at some of the best dupes for this colourful lip trend.
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