Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Series: Killstar Clothing

'Channelling emotional power and raw energy into every thread'- Killstar Clothing
As part of my first Halloween series, I have decided to feature three clothing companies over the following week that pay homage to us freaks- the ones who dress for the night, the ones who dress for the creeps and the ones who dress for the meaning that mere mortals wouldn't understand. The first in my series is Killstar Clothing which is a company that was established in 2010. Their products feature an array of cool sweatshirts, edgy beanies and fabulously curated leather jackets. No matter what angle your dark side stems from- the occult, witchcraft, astronomy, Satan, spirits, Killstar Clothing has you covered! What I really like about Killstar is the relevance of their clothing coupled with great prices, that let the niche truly indulge in fiery elements of their darkness. The authenticity of the designs make Killstar a cult classic! 


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