Thursday, 22 October 2015

Top South Asian Youtubers

 'Girl, hold my bindi and pass me a slipper!'- Lilly Singh

Lilly's YouTube discovery resulted in one of those 'staying in-marathons'. I mean, I felt like I was a little late to the party so I had some catching up to eh? She is HILARIOUS. It's just the way she knows exactly what you're thinking, coupled with her genius comedic timing. Every single video about brown parents is so so true, I can't stress enough. For reals, us brown girls don't have a normal upbringing. It's incredible that her channel was actually born out of a way of self medication due to depression. What a way she's come with a recent sell-out world wide tour. Besties alert!
Lilly Singh IISuperomwomanII

The ultimate glam girl. I discovered Irene when I was looking for some tips to create a fuller ponytail and I remember thinking how insanely mesmerizing she looked with a head full of that hair. Quickly, I made my way onto her make-up tutorials in which she's a sucker for high end brands that really champion her beautiful full features. Irene also works as a photographer and has talked in the past about being pre-med and her parents struggling to understand her creative initiative. Other gems of her channel include appearances by her hubby Waseem who together made my favourite 'Husband Does My Make-Up Tag'. #Hysterics 
Irene Mahumud Khan

Kaushal is the girl that represents every young South Asian woman in the UK. She loves her high street and so do we, essentially making her the go to girl to relate to. She offers some of the most genuine make-up advice and isn't afraid to represent and chronicle her Indian festivities. She truly is the modern day melting pot of two cultures- a great representation of East meets West.
Kaushal Beauty

I stunning? Not only does her gorgeous hair make her stand out from the crowd but it adds an element of mystery and intrigue to her. More on the shy soft spoken front, Laiba adds fitness workouts and advice to her make-up and hair tutorials. She was a recent discovery of mine on Instagram and I soon went on to learn more about this Pakistani beauty. Currently she divides her time between studying and gymming, as past struggles with her weight made her determined not to fall back on old habits. I struggle with my weight and am now at that stage where the motivation to go to the gym is a far sight, but she is slowly inspiring me to get back on the bandwagon. I look forward to more videos from her.
Laiba Zaid

Nabela epitomizes the American dream. She makes no secret of the fact that she fought for her love with Seth. Marrying someone from a different race when you're South Asian is extremely difficult and doesn't come without its many setbacks. Nabela has talked about that in depth and it's so refreshing to see. There are so many social issues in the South Asian community in the Wast. People are actively looking for things they can judge you on and aren't afraid to go out of their way to cement a bad reputation for you. Rising above it is so difficult but Nabela stood her ground. Hearts and minds can most definitely change if your patient and kind. And result? Such a beautiful couple! Her channel is an array of passionate marriage videos, hair and beautiful tutorials and some serious girl talk!
Nabela Noor


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