Thursday, 29 September 2016

Why I Support Noor Tagouri - The Muslim Hijabi Who Posed For Playboy

Noor Tagouri Muslim Hijabi Playboy
If I were a parent I'd much rather have my child look up to Noor Tagouri, a beautiful American Muslim girl who appears in the October issue of Playboy, rather than a girl who half-heatedly wears the traditional Islamic head garment and gets up to God knows what behind closed doors. (I'm of course, NOT generalising all hijabs in the slightest - just the ones who I've personally encountered and have shocked me in certain situations)

I am a VERY liberal Muslim girl, born and raised in the UK, with a slight two-year detour in Dubai. Of course I champion my roots and have visited Pakistan regularly - but I'm also HIGHLY supportive of women who want to differ from the norm and formulate their own identity. As a woman living in the 21st century, why aren't we allowed to talk about feminism, sex, politics, gender equality etc..without having a target on our back? Everyone has something to offer the current, international conversation and it's a shame that some people keep these views to themselves because of how they'll be judged by people who matter to them. 
Noor Tagouri Muslim Hijabi Playboy  
Of course, as soon as Noor's Playboy shoot (in which she looks super cool in a leather jacket and converse shoes) spread on social media, guess what started trending? #Hoejabi

I'm sorry, what?! It's almost hilarious how certain people -  in this case her fellow Muslim peers - are reacting with such rage. Using such derogatory, is that exempt from the teachings of Islam you practice? Are you allowed to spew such vile and offensive hatred and think you are so just and supported by your community to use them without a blink of a eye. These people are making themselves look bad. End of. 

Needless to say, I will always stand for woman such as Noor and these are the reasons why: 

1. She shows us that Muslim women are bold, independent and inspiring.

2. She's smashing stereotypes. No one is the same.

3. She makes us think of a woman's sexuality and the control they have over it. 
Noor Tagouri Muslim Hijabi Playboy
4. As a woman she is allowed to make her own choices and carve out her own journey. 

5. She gets to decide what she's comfortable with.

6. She gets to chose what message she wants to portray.

7. People who still think Playboy is a 'porn' magazine, need to educate themselves in print media and see their metamorphosis in to impressive journalism (For me personally, it was always a great magazine! Celebrate women, always!) 
Noor Tagouri Muslim Hijabi Playboy



Monday, 26 September 2016

Grunge Movie Roles That Rocked My World

Grunge Movie Roles That Rocked My World
I'm more of a dimly lit kind of girl than someone who boasts a sunny disposition all the time. Doesn't mean that I don't think effervescent happiness is the greater good, but sometimes - mostly always - it's just so much more easier to curl up in to the angst and nostalgia associated with the grungy era-defining world of cinema and television. For me, watching a movie is much more than passing time - It's about the directing, writing, cinematography, musical score and of-course the acting. It is so difficult for a performer to get in to that dark, mysterious head-space. Many have tried and failed. Yet some gems have succeeded. Here are some of my favourite grunge roles. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

LANY in London- Writing the Soundtrack To My Life

LANY in London- Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Wes Priest
You always feel protective over artists you discover that aren't a household name- just yet. And in a way you kind of don't want them to be. It's all very selfish. You want to be one of the few lucky ones across the globe, chosen to be immersed in that particular artistic and creative vision.

I first heard a song by three-piece alt pop band LANY a year ago. I had just booked my first Los Angeles to New York Trip with Trek America and literally the next day was watching a video on Youtube with their single BRB playing in the background. And honestly, it was like it was meant to be...

Monday, 5 September 2016

The LA Diaries: Living Like A Local

The Los Angeles Diaries: Living Like A Local
Another reason for my trip to LA was to see if it could be a potential home for me in the future. I work in the entertainment business and as connected as I am in London, frankly there's no other place than the sunny state to 'make it'.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The LA Diaries: Being a Beach Bunny

The Los Angeles Diaries: Being a Beach Bunny
I remember getting flustered while searching for the perfect swimwear for this trip. I finally found it...and never wore it. You would have thought that the sunny metropolisis was enough and I didn't spend much time at the beach. I did. I was literally living on the beach. My hostel - SameSun Backpackers- was one of the rare, cheaply priced accommodations which looked out on scenic Venice Beach. Honestly, it was all a bit too much to handle the first day I arrived, bleary eyed after a long day of travelling. But you can bet I basked in my glorious sighting the next day.
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