Thursday, 13 October 2016

Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies

Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
Hands up who's up at 3am? Me. Yes, I'm one of those people who seems to come alive during the night. Sure, I do envy those morning birds. A few hours after I force myself out of bed and get on with the day, it actually feels pretty good. But I always welcome nightfall. The unwinding of sunset, the tranquility of your thoughts against the lights-out bigger picture, the shoo-ing away of outside chatter that makes your mind clearer, more focused, more willing to achieve. If you feel like you don't achieve much personal momentum during the day, no frets! Use your night-time prowess to succeed. Here's how...

My childhood was pretty much spent in a library, and my imagination was lost in whatever novel I was ploughing through. Unfortunately with today's day and age of relentless, evolving social media, the need to be 'digital' is immense. Take a break. Catch up on that book you've had by your bed side for months. It's such a simple joy.
Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
If you still feel alert and ready, use your racing mind to jot down ideas. Whether it's your next blog post, an upcoming project or the next chapter to the novel you dream on publishing. For me the best ideas come at night and I can't tell you how many things I've crossed off my 'to-do list'. Time to whittle down your list too! 

Catch Up On Television
Haters may say there's so many other things you can do. But sometimes you're just so busy all day that this is the perfect end to your long day! Catch up on those episodes you've missed, get to know that new series you've been dying to see or watch a cool thriller. If you haven't seen Stranger Things (seriously?!) check it out. I also recommend the series Unreal. Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby are spectacular. Or catch up with Criminal Minds from the beginning.
Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
Pen your thoughts 
So therapeutic. And handy. Getting everything off your chest at the end of a long day is such a fabulous feeling. It de-clutters your mind. If you're angry at someone, rather than sending them complete hate over text, writing it down can be a complete life-saver. If you're sad, it'll help you understand why. And if you're happy, it'll allow you to deservedly celebrate. Tried and tested. Trust me. 

Light Candles & Meditate
Take time to yourself. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that it's so easy to forget about the importance of unwinding. There's just something about lighting a candle and having those few personal moments to yourself.
Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
Indulge in Skincare 
Time to try something new. I'm a firm believer of picking a skincare routine and sticking to it. I'm always scared a new product would mess up my skin. I know what works for me...but every now and then I do love experimenting with a new mask that revitalizes my skin. 

Call an Old Friend 
Just make sure they're not snoozing! If you wake them up for a chat, they won't make for a great telephone companion. Enjoy the catch-up! 
Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
Chill Outdoors Around a Fire
It's as comfy as it sounds. Setting up a little cosy fireplace on your outdoor patio/garden is everything. I did this once in the remote Arizona outback and it honestly felt like nothing else in life mattered.

Enjoy a Warm Drink 
Winter is made for a yummy hot chocolate. No caffeinated drinks though. Being a night owl is fabulous- but don't abuse the label!
Making the Most of Your Night-Owl Tendencies
Have a Sleepover!
Erm what better way to unleash your energy than having all your closest friends around to stay the night? Time to girlie up with a pamper session, while tearing up over a rom-con and chomping down on popcorn. Good clean fun, and so underrated once you hit adulthood!



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