Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Positives I'm Taking From The Chaos That Is Donald Trump

Donald Trump Muslim Ban Women's March
Merely two weeks into his Presidency, Donald Trump has managed to divide the world in a way that we initially thought, was humanly impossible. Myself, along with many others, thought we had come further than this. Even as a UK born and living citizen, I feel the sting. How the hell did an unqualified, misogynist, arrogant individual, who'll do anything it takes to live up to the notoriety, become the leader of the free world? How? How could those people who voted for this creature of injustice do this to themselves?!

Monday, 16 January 2017

TRAVEL INSPIRATION: My Top Six Favourite Holidays Ever

January always seems to add to our bucket lists. The checklist of dreams, goals and hardened flaws we want to overcome gets longer and longer. And one of the main components of our visual wishes is the desire to travel. Along with our innate need to be thirsty in knowledge about an individual our age, living on the the other side of the world, is the the current day popularity of social media prowess - dedicated to the hard-to-achieve message of 'you can see it all too'. But what we need to remember is seeing the world is wholly personal - it's what you make of it, what it does for you, and what you take away from it.
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