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*Hello there! My name is Jabeen Waheed, and I am a British entertainment journalist. With years of experience interviewing and writing about celebrities, movies, TV shows and award seasons (Click HERE for my showreel), I have taken my expertise and skills abroad, and am currently working in Sydney, Australia.

*Coronavirus has certainly thrown me a curveball, but I'm still adamant on making this an incredible year

*While I am frequently writing and reporting about all things Hollywood, my blog, Spilling The Beans, serves as a platform as to where I can talk about all the other interests in my life - in particular, travel, adventure and lifestyle.

*After time wasted on writing about what others had already covered, and following the crowd, I realised I was more lost than ever when it came to the content on my blog. Nowadays, I just keep it super real. You can find posts on this platform in which I get very candid about my thoughts and experiences surrounding travel and life in general.

*A little bit more about content I hope to cover more of on this blog...I am an avid hiker. I have dreams of trekking Everest Base Camp, the Inca Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, amongst others! However, don't be fooled. I have a love/hate relationship with camping and getting down and dirty.


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